Minecraft Server: Kool-Craft 2.0 Part 3 (166/365)

Hey everyone! This is going to be a very large post so get ready.

Today I am going to show off my home in Kool-Craft and show you just two other places in the server.

Here is the City (not Skycity):

And here is the Aqua town/castle thing:

So now I will show you guys my house/town. It is still under construction. I may one day expand it a bit and open it up to other people but that will take some time.

When I first came on this server I was looking for an area which no one had been to before so I could build in peace. I found this desert and it was perfect.

This is what it looked like in the old days. This is when Tyler was still around so you can see him in the background. I am standing on the house in this picture but it hasn’t changed at all over the last two weeks.

I used to have just a chicken farm, house, and garden. I didn’t have Dani protect my home initially though. So one night someone found my home and killed my chickens, took my bed, and destroyed a couple blocks. Nothing serious but it finally made me decide to have Dani protect my house.

This is what it looks like now. It is a huge wall made entirely out of logs. It took a lot of time to get that wall set up. And then there is a watch tower/lighthouse in the center which you can see.

It looks a little boring right now. I used to have a bunch of trees but then I started redecorating everything so I got rid of them. They will be back one day

My home on the left, garden on the right, and the stone structure is a mob arena.

Home interior. Yeah, there isn’t much here. Most of my stuff is underground. I’ll show you that in a minute.

A lot of wheat and a lot of melons. I got enough food to last me a few apocalypses.

Mob arena, with the one creeper.

Animal farm

Chickens and pigs.

And cows!!!

Watch tower

I know ladders would be easier, but I have always liked spiral staircases, they look better,

Here is a ladder. To where I wonder…

Viewing area

Down the ladder

Underground area

Enchanting room


Storage room

Some people might wonder why I don’t clear this area out a bit. Well I think it looks cool, I like the random sandstone all over the place.

I found this and thought that it was the perfect place to store my stuff.

I have a lot of crap. A lot of string…

a lot of seeds, saplings, bonemeal…

I wish I had a lot of diamonds…but no.

A lot of cobblestone…

…and a lot of, well, everything! Cookies, melons, mushroom stew, too much food.

Well that is my beautiful home. I plan to continue playing on this server and will provide updates on my home every now and then. So let’s talk about what makes this server unique.

  • This is a PvP server, but there is no griefing.
  • All mobs drop money when killed (sometimes they don’t, but usually they do). This money can be used to buy stuff, duh. The money is gold nuggets. You pick them up but they don’t go into your inventory. They are just added to your money balance.
  • Zombies and zombie pigmen do not drop rotten flesh. Instead, they drop cookies!!!
  • There are challenges for people to complete, building challenges. The reward is money.
  • You are in charge of protecting your own chests, doors, and furnaces. But Dani or another Admin can protect your entire house. This is what you do to protect your chests and doors:

Type ” [Private] ” on the first line and then the names of the people that is object is private to on the following lines.

  • You can donate to the server to get a higher rank but you can also earn the Pro rank by building stuff. The details on how to get Pro rank are on the rule board.
  • There is a /back command that can be used to go to the last place you teleported from or to where you died last.
  • There are a ton of warps to cool places, including Skycity, city, snake, and aqua. Those are the places I showed you in the last couple days.
  • Anyone can create their own shop. They can sell their own stuff and create their own prices.

I think that is everything. Now…for the final rating.



Yes. I am legitimately giving this server a 5/5. There are little problems with it of course. But every server has little things like that so I am willing to overlook them. This is a very fun server. I love that you get money from killing mobs. I love that there are a lot of kool creations on this server despite it being a PvP server. The owner, Dani, is cool and doesn’t tolerate people who break the rules. So, in short, this server is awesome. It is probably the koolest server I have ever been on and I highly recommend that you check it out.

Server IP:

Thanks for reading everyone and Happy Mining!


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