Kool-Craft: Challenge Accepted (167/365)

Hey guys. Sorry for a late post again but I have been rather busy today…sort of.

For one, I am helping my parents clean up the house a lot in preparation for my graduation party next week. So today we did a lot of painting downstairs.

Secondly, I played a lot of Kool-Craft today. 🙂

If you guys are sick of me talking about this server, well sorry but deal with it. I just have a quick update/preview for you and then I will be done…for today.

If you guys remember from Part 1 of my Kool-Craft review, there are challenges. One of the challenges, and the one that pays the most, is to build an underwater city. It’s on.

See, challenges. Building an underwater city pays off with $25,000. Of course, it has to be “beautiful,” and it’s going to take a long time to make.

Today, I completed on of the domes. I plan on making a total of two or three domes, I might make them a bit smaller though.

There it is. Now let me explain to you how much time and money this took. All that glass, you know how much that is? 12 stacks of glass. I bought 12 stacks of sand ($64/stack) and then smelted every last bit of it. Then I had to drain the inside. By that I mean that I had to fill it up with dirt to remove the water. I don’t know how many hours it took exactly but it was quite a while.

I went through at least 10 iron shovels, died about 2-3 times, lost a few thousand dollars on supplies, and had to kill too many squids. Seriously, I still hate skeletons the most, but now I hate squids quite a bit. They are unbelievably annoying when trying to make an underwater city.

There isn’t anything inside yet. I think this will be the main dome and there will be a few houses inside. Then I will make more domes which will all connect to each other. I think (and hope) it will be really “kool.” Sorry but I couldn’t help it.

Thanks for reading everyone! I will have more updates on this in the future. Happy Mining!


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