Snapshot 12w24a (168/365)

Hey guys! Mojang released a new snapshot on Thursday. This time they sort of had a big change but it is still in development. You remember a few snapshots ago when they were beginning to make it so that people can join singleplayer games? Well they took another step in the right direction with this snapshot.

It is still very much in development and it isn’t perfect but you can open your map to other players with an internet connection. All you have to do is type /publish. Again, this is a work in progress right now, so don’t expect it to work perfectly yet. Also, with this improvement to Minecraft, you can use the /tp command to teleport to other players on your singleplayer world.

Levers can be placed upside-down now! Yeah, just what I always wanted! Well, sort of.

When you break an Ender Chest it will drop 8 obsidian, unless you have the Silk Touch enchantment. Also, these chests now have an inventory specific to each player, not for the entire world. There is a glitch, however, in which if a player dies or leaves The End, the items in the chest will also be gone.

That’s about all for this snapshot. Sorry that it wasn’t more exciting. But we are getting closer to 1.3. And I just know that it’s going to be awesome!

That’s all I have for you guys today, except one thing. I won’t talk about it at all but here is a picture of what my underwater city is looking like at this moment.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Mining!



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