LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 11- Aftermath (169/365)

Hey y’all! I was mistaken last time. I said that this chapter would be one that I made up. Sorry, the chapter I made up is the next one, not this one. And I have to do this post rather quickly since there are storms on the way and if the power goes out then I will be pissed.

So let’s go!

So, as you remember from the last couple chapters, the hatch was destroyed. In fact, that is the only thing you really have to remember for this piece. Well, Locke, Eko, and Desmond all survived. Locke woke up in the jungle and couldn’t speak, Eko¬†disappeared (he was taken by a polar bear and then Locke goes out to rescue him, but for the sake of this chapter we will just say that he came back and he was a-okay), and Desmond woke up in the jungle naked but encountered Hurley who gave him a shirt (he also had an interesting experience in the show, but I won’t go into that). Basically, everyone survived and life was good.

Except for the fact that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were gone and no one knew where to find them. So, Locke decides to build a sweat lodge where he can meditate and hopefully discover a way to find everyone.

Step 1: Build a sweat lodge then go inside and meditate

Sit next to the yellow glow of the fire and think deeply as you try to “talk to the island.” Then Boone shows up, and again for the sake of this post I will lie and say that he tells Locke to go back to The Pearl station.

Now Eko, who was badly injured from the hatch implosion, was resting in his tent when he saw his brother, Yemi. He said that it was time for Eko to be judged, and then the tent burned down.

Charlie and Hurley pulled Eko out in time but then Eko walked away mumbling Yemi. Charlie and Hurley looked for him but couldn’t find him. Figuring out that Eko was also going to The Pearl, he decided to leave and catch up with him. Two birds, one stone.

Step 2: Go back to the Pearl and find the diamonds

I am skipping over a bit here. Eko ended up dying at the hands of the smoke monster, and Nikki and Paulo paralyzed each other by fighting over diamonds. Don’t ask, it’s complicated.

So you found the diamonds. And now, because you think Nikki and Paulo are dead, not paralyzed, you decide to bury the diamonds with them.

First, you need to dig a hole for the two of them

Throw them in.

And just as you start to bury them, Nikki’s eyes pop open. But it is too late. Nikki and Paulo are buried alive.

*Cue dramatic music*

Well that was all for this chapter. I sort of followed the directions and I sort of didn’t. But I hope it was okay.

Thanks for reading everyone, Happy Mining, and Happy Father’s Day!


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