Kool-Craft: Underwater City Challenge Journal- Day 5 (171/365)

Kool-Craft Underwater City Challenge Day 5:

I finally did it. With the help of Riley I was able to complete the underwater city challenge. It was a busy day indeed. Earlier in the day, Riley joined the game and together we built the final dome. It went fairly quick, except Riley disagreed with me regarding the proper way to drain the dome. It turned out that I was right. Regardless, it went well.

After building and draining the dome, Riley left and I started constructing the inside of the dome. I made a large building and filled it with an enchantment room, brewing room, furnace room, and a shop. I made these rooms with the intent of one day allowing people to live here and allow them to use these utilities at their disposal. Speaking of which, I need to make a disposal.

Upon finishing this dome, I inquired with Dani concerning how close I was to completion. He said that all my city needed now were some animals. I then bought 2 spawn eggs from him and it was finished. He congratulated me and gave me the $25,000. For the work that Riley did today, I gave him $5,000.

So that is all for this part of the adventure. Now, we will begin the challenge of building lots for others and then opening up our city to them. This will take a while.

I took more pictures for my records today. Here they are.

We have plenty of sand and money for the next stage of our challenge. I may continue to document our efforts and I may not. We shall see.

Happy Mining my friends.



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