Snapshot 12w25a (173/365)

Hey guys. Sorry. I said that I was going to do that mod review today but I was busy cleaning up for my grad party this weekend and work was hell. I want to do this mod some justice and not try to make a review for it in 30 minutes so today I am just going to talk about the new snapshot.

Mojang released a new snapshot today. Now I am going to say what we are all thinking. When is 1.3 coming out? I mean, we haven’t had a full update for 11 weeks now. We have been sitting at 1.2.5 for a long time now waiting for 1.3 to come out. So, where is it?

I am going to say right now, be patient. I want 1.3 to come out just as much as anyone else does. But by having this blog and doing a bunch of posts on the new snapshots I have seen all the things that they are doing first-hand and they are some pretty amazing things. Mojang gave us this game more than 3 years ago. It went from a world with nothing but grass to this. Minecarts, pistons, Ender dragons, enchanting. This new update will have more new features and improvements than any other update. And they are all awesome updates. So trust them to do their job and keep this game awesome. Sorry for that little rant there but people are complaining a lot about 1.3 and I just want them to stop whining and be patient. Besides, most of the work they are doing now are bug fixes. So, we are getting close.

Okay. Rant time is over, let’s talk about this snapshot.

Work is continuing on publishing Singleplayer worlds to other people. The multiplayer menu will now scan for open Singleplayer worlds and an Open to LAN menu has been added to the in-game menu which will allow to open the world to other players, choose the game mode and choose to turn cheats on/off.

Villagers will remove a trade option after it has been used at least 3 times.

We can now have wooden stairs in each different wood type. Sweet! In one of my worlds I was sad because the wooden stairs didn’t match the type of wood on the floor so it looked dumb. Not for long…

Redstone and rails can be placed on upside-down stairs and slabs now.

They removed the downward knockback effect while drowning. Yes!

Instead of pigs only dropping 0-2 porkchops, they will now drop 1-3 porkchops. Wonderful! More pork for everyone. I always hated that when a pig wouldn’t give me any of it’s delicious pork. Jerks. Not a problem anymore though.

The /tp command can now be used to teleport to specified coordinates and to another player. Cool!

Bug fixes and other boring stuff.

That’s all. Here is a cool video I found. You remember the guys who made The Last Minecart? They have a new video. Here it is.

Happy Mining!


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