Featured Pictures: My First Nether Wart Farm (174/365)

Sorry again. There has been too much grad party stuff to do today and I barely got a chance to sit down. So, my mod review post will be tomorrow and I 100% guarantee that, mainly because I am going to work on it as soon as I get this post done.

So I have had every farm possible in Minecraft; wheat, melon, even a pumpkin farm. Except for one. I haven’t had a Nether wart farm, until today. In Kool-Craft, someone was giving out free Nether wart stalks. I got two, and now it has grown to much more than two. Soon, I will begin brewing potions, another activity I have yet to do. Anyway, here is what my wart farm looks like currently:

It’s soooo beautiful…

That’s all today. I am sorry again for my quick posts the last couple days. After tomorrow, I will have a lot more time to do some better posts. This is Jonah signing off and saying thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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