Kool-Craft is Back in Business and More News (178/365)

Hey guys! So last night I went on Minecraft to see if Kool-Craft was back online, it wasn’t. But I saw that Riley’s server was up and running. I told him about Kool-Craft being offline for a few days and how it seemed strange. Then I came on here to do the post, went back on Minecraft, and VOILA! Kool-Craft was back, only minutes after I talked about it with Riley. I thought that was funny.

According to Dani, he was on vacation and the server shut down unexpectedly. Oh well no big deal.

In other news, in the next couple days I will have a tutorial post on how to make your own underwater dome. Since I have done it about 5-6 times now I have gotten a lot better at it and have found new ways to do it. And, of course, if you have suggestions for me as to how I can make it go quicker I would love to hear them.

It takes time, but it isn’t as hard as you think it might be.

So, keep an eye out for that post this week. That’s all guys. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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