New Adventure Map (180/365)

Hey guys! So I have a couple ideas floating around in my head right now. Number one, I was thinking about Minecraft 1.3 and how it will have tripwires. So I thought, that it would be fun to play around on one of the snapshots and try to make a really efficient alarm system using tripwires. So I might be trying that out in the next few days.

Second, I want to try out a new adventure map. Don’t get me wrong I still like the LOST map but I want to try something new for the blog. I will still have LOST posts every now and then but I might put that on hold. If you have any suggestions for me I would love to hear them, please leave a comment.

And finally, just so you know, Tyler will be on his way back from Germany in a couple days so next week He will start writing posts again. Sorry, for a quick post tonight but I couldn’t think of anything else to write about.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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