The Return (183/365)

Ladies and gentlemen, today, The Block Brothers present to you, the return of a Block Brother who has been gone for the last 3 weeks. All the way back from Germany, I am happy to present to you…


That’s right everyone. He’s back. Today Tyler went on Minecraft for the first time since he left. We played a bit of Kool-Craft and discussed a possible new project. Tyler will fill you in on that new project tomorrow.

I thought that I would give Tyler a little welcome home present or two. Here they are:

Now I know how much you enjoy burning down jungles, so here is a jungle(or what’s left of it anyway) that I lit on fire just for you.

Here is your second present!

Let’s open it up … “Sssssssssss…” Huh?


Oh my god. He and a bunch of other creepers blew up your present…


Yes, a lovely little trap for Mr. Creeper and all of his friends.

Let’s see, who do we have here? Mr. Creeper, Mr. Zombie, Mr. Skeleton, Mr. Spider, Mr. Enderman, and all of their families. Excellent.

Now that I have you all trapped here, I have a surprise for you…

It’s something I like to call…a nuclear missle.

And launch!

Wait for it…wait for it………wait for it……………….


Heh heh, I think that they’re all dead now.

Here is ground zero. You want any Ender pearls?

WHAT’S THIS?! One of the creepers survived! Well not for long.

I bet he can survive an arrow to the knee, but let’s see how he likes a bomb to the face.


Alright, time to bring out the big guns. And by “big guns” I mean a bazooka which shoots TNT. Take that! No way…how did you survive that too?

Fine, maybe you can take a bomb and TNT to the face, but how about a crap load of C4?

That’s not possible!!! I give up! Just kidding, eat 3 nukes sucka!


Just so you know Tyler, this was your present. 30 large chests full of flint and steels. Just so you know, that equals 1,620 flint and steels. Enough for a few days, right Tyler?

Well it’s good to have you back Tyler. Now you can write a couple posts and I can take a small break. Seriously, I need one.

Thanks for reading everyone! Tyler will have a post tomorrow about a neat mod he found today. So be sure to check that out tomorrow. Happy Mining!


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