I’m back and more! (184/365)

Ah, my first post in three weeks. As Jonah told you yesterday in his post, I’m back to the United States of America now after a three week trip to Germany. I’m glad that I’m back. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Germany but even three weeks is a long time to be away from home, in a different culture. It was definitely a rewarding experience, one that I’m glad I participated in. Anyway, let’s get to a bit of news and the post.

Now onto our project. As you all may know, Jonah did a bit of a project, creating an underwater-dome where he showed you how to build one and a bit of the design. You learned the very toiling process of creating the dome, surviving in the limited number of air pockets and the annoying part of filling and removing the dome. Very annoying and time-consuming. So, after a night of talking to Jonah, we’ve come up with another idea for a project. Since I was just in Germany, the land of castles and medieval structures, I have some inspiration for a project. I’m talking about building a big, hopefully well designed castle in Minecraft. I’d visited enough castles to pick up some of the shapes, and we will be refraining from the typical square castle. Not only that, but we will be kicking it up a notch. Jonah and I plan to embark on a project that will probably take the remainder of our free time. We are going to build a sky castle.

Yeah, we’re not joking.

Obviously, if we are going to do this project, Jonah and I are going to need a way to communicate, and a server to play on. Which is why, I ask you guys, our faithful readers, to help us in this project. We will be building this castle on Kool-Craft, where Jonah has some connections, money to buy stuff with and is a lag free server. So, if any of you out there wants to help out at all, just send us a message. My Minecraft name is SunBurntIcarus and Jonah is John_Locke_4. If you see us on there sometime, say hello, we would really appreciate it. If you want to help us out a bit, just message Jonah or myself, and we might have you help us build it. This project, I feel it, is going to a project that we will remember for a long time, one that I will feel very proud of and enjoy. Although it may take us more than a month, there might be some hiccups or accidents, it will all be worth it in the end.

Here you are for a quick post for today, tomorrow I will be doing a mod review for the post. Until then, Happy Mining!



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