Flash Shelter Mod: (185/365)

We’ve all had those moments in Minecraft, where we are far away from home, with very little health or hunger bar left, surrounded by enemy mobs. At this point many of us would either give up, run, or possibly try to fight them all off. Nearly all of the time, those methods don’t work out at all, and we end up dying. Luckily enough, we respawn in the safety of our homes, but the real problem is that we lost all of our hard work gathering materials. If only there was a way to guarantee survival against the mobs, at least until sunrise.

Worry no more! I introduce to all you readers out there, The Flash Shelter Mod! This mod is a very simple to use, and nice mod. Put simply, with this mod you place down a shelter block, punch it once, and you have a nice little shelter to camp the night in. Very fast and safe! To illustrate it better, let’s begin.

The Flash Shelters:

There are two different  flash shelters. The only real difference between them, is that one of them includes a cake inside for a bit of food. They are the same dimensions, with the same elements.

You have the basic house:

Basic House

And the deluxe!


Both houses offer the same utilities, with a workbench, furnace, chest and a bed. The deluxe house, however offers a bit of food if needed.

The recipes:

Both of the shelters require parts, in which you require to build the different blocks. There are the, obviously evident, deluxe and basic house parts.

Basic House Part

Deluxe House Part

You then take the house part block, put it into the following recipe, and you will have a Flash Shelter block.

Using the block:

By punching this block once….

Wabam! Instant shelter!

The flash shelter also works underwater, where it will then create an air pocket for you. However…

Using this mod underwater will then remove a section of the water, which cannot be repaired easily.


As a side note, when you put your items into the chests, the items will be stored temporarily. Once you remove the shelter, all of your items will fall down. So be careful when removing the shelter.


Anyway, there you all are! The Flash Shelter Mod!

I hope you all enjoyed and here’s my rating for this wonderful mod!

5 Diamonds! Yes, it’s that useful!

Anyway, until tomorrow, where I might just have another mod review in store for you all! Until then, Happy Mining!



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