The Zombie Apocalypse Mod! (187/365)

Have you ever wanted to add a bit of challenge to Minecraft? Ever find yourself looking for the next toughest mod out there? Were you waiting impatiently for new mobs to fight, for the hardcore difficulty to come out? Well wait no longer. I present to you, a fresh off the Java bakery, The Zombie Apocalypse Mod!

Oh God, the horror!


This mod has two different elements that differentiate from any other Minecraft gamemode. First off, all hostile mobs, whether a silverfish, or a skeleton, or even an Enderman, will be replaced with Zombies. That sounds like a heaven doesn’t it? Makes everything easier. Wrong. Not only that but this mod makes it so that there are now about 3-4 times the number of Zombies at one time. Now it sounds scary. And to make it worse, it’s on hardcore difficulty, so only one life.

Still, what does that matter right? When morning comes, all these Zombies will burn leaving their flesh and drops for me. No need to worry. Right?

Nope, wrong. When you start off the game it starts as daylight, however as soon as it turns night, the sun never appears again. Never. You have one day to build a shelter, set up a tree farm to get more building materials, one night to get a farm set up, one night to get a perimeter set up. However, after much time in your house, in the night, the infinite darkness starts to get to you.

Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun,
Please shine down on me

As I said before, Zombies will spawn all over now.

And this is the lite version.

Versions and Modes:

There are two different versions of the mod that you can install. The default version, spawns a lot of zombies. I mean, a lot. However that version might cause some immense lag. Jonah reported a 1-2 fps rate.

Another cool feature of this mod, is that it offers two different apocalypses. You have the default, Zombie one. Or, the ever-dangerous, computer-wrecking, depression-inducing Creeper apocalypse. I didn’t test this one out just yet, but I will definitely have to try this one. It’s going to be some serious fun!

There you  are, I hope you all enjoyed this mod, and have a wonderful day. Happy Mining!

The mod link:

Our rating: 3.5 Diamonds out of 5 for entertainment, and for difficulty.


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