Mojang Contests and Snapshot 12w27a (188/365)

Hello all! Sorry for the late post. Mojang has recently started a couple different contests. Today, on the official Minecraft Facebook page, Mojang started a new contest. The goal: have people make some super awesome stuff in Minecraft and then share the screenshot with them on Facebook. The public then votes on the best and 9 people will receive a Minecraft themed Xbox 360 console.

Not bad, not bad at all

For those of you who are not artistically gifted in Minecraft but are artists in real life, Mojang started another contest earlier this week. They are asking for fans to draw a picture with a certain theme each month for their Facebook page. The winner will be their cover photo for that month for millions of people to see.

You can check out their Facebook page or for more info on both of these contests.

Finally, Mojang released another snapshot but once again it features only bug fixes since the official update is just a little over 3 weeks away.

That’s all folks. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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