Minecraft 1.7.3 Future Update and More! (189/365)

If you weren’t able to guess it from the title, Minecraft will be updating to 1.7.3 after a long hiatus, much to the appeal of it’s fans. Confused? Thought so. This isn’t Minecraft on the PC here, Minecraft on the Xbox 360. After a long time, 4J studios will be finally updating Minecraft to the 1.7.3 level. I’m really excited about this update personally, as it will add more to the Xbox version.

If I’m correct about all the additions, and assuming that they add ALL of the content from 1.7.3, we will have a nice little update coming up. If you don’t remember what was added in Minecraft 1.7.3, here’s a quick refresher for ya! In the 1.7 update, Flint and Steel or Redstone will be required to light TNT, Shears are added, Fences can be stacked, Sheep no longer drop wool from being punched, and, the ever amazing, pistons. Kind of a bit, when you think about it. It will be nice to be getting closer to the computer version of Minecraft that I’m looking for, except on my Xbox. Soon, before we know it, the Xbox will be up to 1.2.5 Minecraft. Although, with the odds supporting, Minecraft will be at 1.7 or something by then.

Another quick thing. With that update, the Xbox 360 edition will allow different skins now! However, there is a downside with this.

We’ll be seeing some familiar faces in this pack.

Considering Microsoft, they are going to be releasing the ‘skins’ as a downloadable dlc for the game. Which will be taking even more money from the pockets of players. Kind of a bummer if you ask me, why pay for something more when we already bought the game. We get custom skins for free with the PC version. What the heck? And what’s even worse is that there is a choice between 40 new skins, but no custom. Because of the so called ‘constraints’ of Xbox live, there will probably never be any custom skins. Which is the worse news of all. I can never re-create my avatar on the Xbox. Sad day.

Well, that sums it up, we have some good news and some bad news for the Xbox edition. We’ll see how it turns out, some people might be angry about the custom skins one, some might be okay with it, only time will tell.

Until tomorrow, Happy Mining! Even though Minecraft is a totally-awesome game, I hope we can all get to enjoy the weather today!

The real, non-blocky weather that is! =)



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