Material Detector Mod Review (192/365)

Hello one and all! This is the first Mod Monday post…on a Tuesday. As I explained in the post yesterday, we will now have Mod Monday, meaning we will have a mod review post every Monday, for a certain amount of time. I found 15 mods yesterday and they will be chosen at random each week and then reviewed on Monday.

Today, the mod that was chosen is…

Material Detector!

This mod is similar to Rei’s Minimap in that it shows a map on the screen. But this map shows where minerals are. This mod is intended to make mining go a lot faster and get you your diamonds a lot easier. The map is customizable and can be toggled on/off in-game. Let’s take a look at this mod.

When you start your world this is what you will see. A map on the screen with a bunch of dots on it.

By pressing the “V” key you can change the material that shows up on the map, from iron to diamond.

You can also turn off materials from the map menu.

You can change the zoom level by pressing the “B” key. 1x, 2x, or 4x

I think that 2x is the most ideal. 1x is too much and you can’t make out where the materials are and 4x is too little and you are missing out on a lot.

The “N” key seems a bit glitchy. It didn’t work for me instantly when I pressed the key. Especially when going from 2x to 4x, I needed to press the key multiple times to get it to switch. This proved to be quite annoying.

This is the map menu. You can bring it up by pressing the “V” key. You can change the map size, the position, the view, you can turn the map on/off, and there is a “distance filtered” option which I don’t understand.

Here is the other menu to turn materials on/off. You can also add/remove materials to the list.

This is how the map looks like in the horizontal view.

And this is vertical. This option again can be changed in the menu or by pressing the “H” key. I prefer horizontal.

This map only shows the selected mineral if it is 2 blocks above or below your current level. That is one of the flaws of it, you need to be close to the level where that mineral is common to find it. It also shows other minerals that aren’t on the list such as, redstone, coal, and gold. This makes the map confusing since it can clutter the map when all you want is diamond.

However, the map does show the position of  lava, preventing any mishaps when mining downwards.



Yeah, I am sorry to say that this isn’t my favorite mod ever made. In fact, I don’t like it. The pros are that it shows the location of nearby minerals and that it shows nearby lava so you don’t burn to death. The cons are that the map is confusing, the map can be quite cluttered, you still need to be near the material to find it on the map, there are no instructions for the actual download, the menu is separate from the main menu (not a big deal but I would prefer if it was in the same place), and the zoom key is a bit glitchy and doesn’t work right away. Finally, it is a cheat mod, so it takes away from the fun of the game.

Let me put it this way, if you solely want something to assist you in finding minerals then go ahead and download this mod, it isn’t that bad if that is all you want. But, personally, I won’t be downloading this mod again.

Download here (it will download a jar file, which you need to open up with WIN-RAR or 7-Zip and then proceed as you usually do with a mod, drag all the files to the desktop to decompress them and then place them in your minecraft.jar folder, don’t forget to delete META-INF):

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining! Mod Monday begins next week.

Here is a fun little hint for the next mod review. This is the scrambled name of the mod. Let us know if you think you know what it is.



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