Day 32- House on a Hill 2.0 (197/365)

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Hey guys! Do you remember a long time ago when I lost my house on a hill that I created in my Singleplayer world? Do you remember how I said that I was going to rebuild it but make it better. Do you know that the “better” version was actually kinda crappy and I never did a post on it like I said I would? Well, it’s back. And it will be good this time.

Yesterday I got a new computer and erased all my old Minecraft worlds. So, I am starting fresh. While Tyler and I rebuild and improve my old island on our new server, I am rebuilding and majorly improving my House on a Hill in Singleplayer. Although, I suppose if you want to be realistic, then this is a Village on Many Hills.

I have a lot of plans for this new area. I am sort of going crazy with all the stuff I want to do. But, anyway, let’s take a look at my new world.

Yesterday, you saw it as I found it. I made quite a few renovations since then. Here’s one.

You can see all this stuff much better at night. This is the main gate. I started building this so that it will almost be like a huge castle, but it isn’t. It is a huge town/village.

This is the main symbol of my town here. A couple pickaxes.

Lighted pathway leading to the gate.

These are the two towers. You’ll see that much that I am building here was inspired by the building efforts of Tyler and I on the island last night.

I have sort of wanted to do this for a while; build a house hanging off the side of a hill. I think it looks nice. I plan on doing these all over the area to increase the size of the village.

The house is “supported” by these pillars. I figured a floating house would look pretty dumb so I had to add a small sense of realism to it.

Here is the living room. Simple really. Bed, “couch,” and a lamp.

When I was building this house I ran into a very small mine. It was more like a hole actually since there was nothing inside.

So, I figured that I could use that as a storage/work room. I like it.

Enchantment room also included.

Time to  show you the rest of my land now.

This is just a small place I made with a bench and a couple trees. There’s another area which is a lot better.

And here it is! Again, this was inspired a lot from the island building yesterday.

I got a neat little pond here with some trees and flowers and sugar cane. It’s beautiful!

This open land is where I will build the mansion. It will be my master house and will, hopefully, look awesome.

Here are a couple more hills that will be included. I don’t know what to put on these hills yet though.

Here it is. This is the entire land. Almost every bit of it will be utilized in some way. Here are some other plans of mine.

This is the essence of perfection. I found this beautiful lake. It is the perfect size and the perfect depth for an underwater dome. Awesome!

Also nearby are these two small islands. I may continue making islands on Singleplayer and finding some use for this. Who knows what I would use it for though.

That’s all folks. We will have a mod review tomorrow since now, Mod Monday can begin!

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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