Powercraft Mod Review: Part 1- Intro/Preview (198/365)

Hey guys! Happy Mod Monday! Now, here’s the thing. When i found this mod on the Minecraft Wiki I was led to believe that it only added a couple items. I was slightly wrong. This is a very large and semi-complicated mod. Well, it’s complicated when you are trying to learn everything in one day. I started it last night and knew that I was in over my head. I will finish this mod review on Thursday. For now, I will introduce you to this mod and show you a couple pics.

This mod, as I said, is a large and slightly complicated one. Therefore, I want to do this mod justice by making a proper review. That’s why I need some more time. This is a factory mod. There are other mods like this one but this one has some unique features to it. I was quite grateful when I found this mod guide on this mod’s Forum page.

Click here to see the guide.

Here is the forum page.

The guide explains what each block does and how to use it. While this guide was quite helpful in starting out, I still didn’t completely understand the mod and I needed to watch a couple videos to understand the mod fully. The rest I am teaching myself as I go along.

Here are some pics of what I have completed so far.

These are a few demos that I set up for the review. You’ll see them all on Thursday.

More demos. You’ll see that row of gray pressure pad looking things are actually conveyor belts. Conveyor belts and power crystals are the two biggest and most utilized features of this mod.

This is a super contraption that i am still working on. This took a while to set up but it is quite wonderful.

Thanks for reading. I’m sorry again that I couldn’t get a full review up today, but I couldn’t do a crappy and quick review for such a wonderful mod. Anyway, be sure to stop back on Thursday for the complete review. Happy Mining!


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