Minecraft Tip #21: (199/365)

I feel like it’s been a long time since there’s been a tip post on our blog. However, in reality, it was really only a few weeks ago. However, when I was thinking about it today, we missed one of the most important tips for the Minecrafter, an essential to every player. How to access the .minecraft folders is some information that we’ve been withholding from our readers. I’m sure a lot of you think this might be a stupid tip, as it seems so common sense, but there are people out there who have no clue how to find the folder, or even how to install texture packs. We all have to start somewhere, so why not help them on the way? So, as to clear up this issue, I’m here to show you all how to access the .minecraft folder. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Start out at the desktop.

To make it the easiest to access the folder, we will want to start from the desktop.

Gotta love the wallpaper too.

Step 2: Press the start button and search for ‘%appdata%’:

Sounds complicated but it’s really not. All you need to do is open the start menu and search for %appdata%. If you don’t have Windows Vista or later, all you need to do is hit ‘run’ first and then search.

Search %appdata%

Step 3: Navigate to the .minecraft folder:

At this point you should be in the folder called ‘Roaming’. Simply search for the ‘.minecraft’ folder and double-click it to open it up.

Lastly, you are now in the .minecraft folder. I would recommend right-clicking the .minecraft folder and making a shortcut on the desktop as it makes it easier. You can now access everything you need to mod your Minecraft, add a texture pack, a map, or all of the above. Have fun!

I hope that this tip was helpful to you all. If it was, please leave a comment, as we would love some feedback! Happy Mining my fellow Minecrafters!



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