Featured Mobs: Ghasts! (200/365)

Today’s  a bit of a special post for us here at the Block Brothers! Not only am I continuing the ‘Featured Mobs’ guide of our blog, today also marks the 200th post of our 365 day project. It’s a bit of a milestone, and that means that we’re getting that much closer to the end! I’m a bit excited about the end of this project, as it means that we will have more free time. That’s not to say that this blog will end. Definitely not, I’m just talking about less posts. Anyway, we will share more about our future plans for the blog later. Onto the post!

The Ghast:


Ghasts, to put them very simply, are flying jellyfishes that shoot explosive fireballs at the player character. They will spawn only in the Nether unless forced to by a spawning egg. They will however only naturally spawn in the Nether at Easy or higher difficulty. They are white, ghost like jellyfish, that hover around the nether looking for the player character.


Ghasts tend to fly around the Nether, from one landmass to the other. They have no preferences as to where they stay, but they do prefer to be up high. They fly around with their eyes closed and they make shrill sounds occasionally. No matter where they are, their cries are always the same volume, so they may be farther away than the player thinks. Unlike most hostile mobs, they do not have a homing instinct, that is, they are not likely to follow the player at all. However, many times they don’t need to as they can target and see the player from 100 blocks away. Ghasts shoot fireballs at the player which have the same texture as fire charges. These ‘fireballs’ can be reflected by hitting them with a sword, bow or even a fishing rod. This is a very entertaining, although difficult way to attack the ghast. There is an achievement to be unlocked by killing the ghast with one of it’s own fireballs.

Combat tips:

Fighting the Ghasts can be a very difficult fight. Your best bet would be a bow and arrow. Make sure to aim towards the actual tentacles, as their hit box is centered around that area. When they are within a distance of 16 blocks of the player they attempt to fly higher making it difficult to kill them with a sword. You could also try to direct the fireballs they shoot back at them, but that is a bit of a challenge.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Very soon, I will be doing a 3-Featured-Mob spotlight soon, so do prepare. Happy Mining!



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