Powercraft Mod Review (201/365)

Finally! Please excuse me for a minute while I take a sigh of relief that this mod review is done with. So, I wanted to have this done for Monday but I was unaware of the mod’s massive size. I introduced the mod on Monday and promised to have the complete review done by today. Well, it’s done. Now, I just want you guys to know a few things. One, this is the biggest mod review we have ever done on our blog, so I hope all of you enjoy it. Two, because it is the biggest mod review ever, I have been working on this since Monday, and I don’t mean working on it for an hour or so each day. I mean that whenever I had free time, I was working on this mod. Just saying.

Now, I am going to do two things with this post. First, I will show some of the new features that come with this mod. Some of them I left out because they didn’t add much to the game overall or because I don’t yet understand their purpose. Finally, I will present my machine that I spent the last four days perfecting. This is a huge post with tons of pictures so let’s get started.

Perhaps the most important addition to the game are conveyor belts. These are standard conveyor belts. You can move items around and use them to place items into chests, furnaces, and many other tools. With a furnace, it will only accept items that can be used for smelting (coal, food, sand, etc.).

These are speedy conveyor belts which move items twice as fast. The downside is that they can’t be used to place items in chests or furnaces.

Here is an item ejection belt. It can be used to remove items from chests. You can set it to remove items from a certain slot and how much to remove.

Here is an item detector belt which works the exact same way a detector rail does. When something travels over it, it sends out a redstone signal.

This is one of my favorites. The item seperator belt. With this you can seperate which items go which way. For example, you can set it up so that when gold and diamond come down the belt, gold will go to the left and diamonds to the right. Simple yet wonderful.

The item redirection belt can also be handy. When the item is not powered by redstone, all the items will go to the left. When it is powered, they will go to the right.

This is the brake conveyor. When not powered with redstone, items traveling down the belt will move slower over the brake. When it is powered, the items will completely stop.

Below the belt here, is a roaster. It can be fueled just like a furnace, and any items that travel over it (when it’s powered by redstone) will be cooked or smelted (if possible). So, if you send raw porkchops down, they’ll be cooked. If you send sand down, it will turn to glass. It will also do serious damage to mobs and the player, so be careful.

The automatic workbench. This tool is amazing. This is one of the most crucial tools to every machine. Just right-click it, insert the recipe you want to be used, put in the items and BAM! Instant crafting.

Elevators. The yellow ones make things go up, red goes down. Simple enough.

The redstone pulsar. It’s possible to make a pulsar without this mod, but Powercraft makes it a lot easier. It will send out a redstone pulse as often as you like and it can hold the pulse for as long as you like.

The block harvester. This tool is crucial to the running of my machine, without it, it could not work. This tool will harvest or mine any block that is in front of it (except for obsidian and bedrock) for 30 blocks.

It can also be used for harvesting wheat. Yay!

Next up is the block dispenser. This will dispense anything you put in it. Bonemeal, stone, trees, chests, etc. It will dispense 150 blocks out in a straight line. It won’t dispense more than one chest though. Sad day.

If you use these two blocks together, and if you have plenty of bonemeal on hand, you can craft an instant automatic wheat harvester.

This mod also brings in wireless redstone. Yes! You know how I love wireless redstone. It can be set to any frequency you like.

Teleporters. Aw yeah, now we’re talking. These things can be immensely helpful. They can teleport all mobs, players, and items. You can set each teleporter as a sender or a target, give it an ID, and control what it teleports.

Colored lights. Simple. These come in all dye colors just like wool.

Lasers. Now these are handy, and deadly. There are four different lasers. Tripwires, transmitters, receivers, and deadly lasers. The tripwire laser is obvious. it sends out a redstone signal when someone moves through it. When the transmitter laser is powered it sends out a beam. If the receiver picks up that beam then it sends out a redstone signal.

And here is the deadly laser. By placing a roaster down, and then placing a laser above it (and placing them in the right order does matter in this case; roaster then laser), you will have made your own deadly laser. As long as there is fuel in the roaster and it is powered by redstone, then any living thing that touches the laser (including the player) will die instantly.

You can also use mirrors to redirect the beam. There’s also a laser prism but I can’t get it to work.

This is an XP storage block. It works as a bank. You can deposit and withdraw XP.

This is cool for decoration. Iron ledges.

Iron stairs too. Equally cool.

You can build custom mob spawners using an activation crystal.

Any mob you want.

We also have sticky iron boots (don’t know what they do), the ore sniffer (a handheld version of a material detector), the activation crystal, power dust (more efficient fuel source than coal), and the radio remote (you can activate any transmitter frequencies whenever with this).

We also have day/night/rain sensors, empty/full chest sensors, proximity detectors for items, mobs, and players, a block that lets two different redstone wires intersect, and a corner repeater which can switch sides when right-clicked.

Finally, here are all the logic gates. I understand all but one of them, the D flip-flop gate. I did it the way I was told and it didn’t work. Strange.



4.5/5 diamonds. This mod was a lot of fun. The very fact that I spent all my free time with this mod shows how great it is. I needed help to get started, mainly because the guide wasn’t as helpful as I would’ve liked, that is one of the reasons it isn’t a 5/5. Another reason is that there are still some limitations with it. You can’t sort mobs like you can items and I would really like it if they integrated that into the mod. Also, as with any mod, there are some noticeable and rather irritating bugs/glitches. But this is a truly great mod and I encourage all of you to try it out.

I have decided since this post is already extremely long and it isn’t really a part of the actual review, I am going to hold off on showing my machine until tomorrow.

So stay tuned for my machine post for tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy it. Very soon, Tyler and I are going to do a really awesome post to celebrate our progress on this blog. We have completed 200 posts, received almost 10,000 total views, and we are close to achieving another goal that we made a long time ago. *Hint: it may also coincide with the release of Minecraft 1.3.*

So please continue coming to our blog, help us reach our goal! Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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