The (Almost) Infinite Bread Machine (202/365)

Hey everyone! As promised, I will show my machine today. I will show the evolution of this machine as well as how it works today. I promise this won’t be as long of a post as yesterday’s was.

This is what my machine looked like on Monday.

This is what it looks like today.

As the title suggests, this is a machine that can produce bread infinitely. Of course, who wants an infinite amount of bread? No one, but you can turn on this machine to make bread whenever you want. On Monday, my machine didn’t have much and it was far from infinite. It had some skeleton dispensers, some wheat harvesters and that was about it. Today, I have 4 skeleton spawner rooms, each with 25 spawners. I have lasers to kill them immediately, 3 harvesters, a tree farm to fuel the lasers, and an on/off switch.

To have deadly lasers, I need roasters. To fuel the roasters, i need coal. To make coal, I need logs. So here is the tree farm. Which is also fueled by bonemeal from the skeletons.

I have the standard harvester set up, but with another dispenser full of saplings harvested from the trees. I noticed that the harvester didn’t always successfully replant the tree, causing the system not to work.

The logs are smelted into charcoal using a roaster and then divided three ways; 50% to the log roaster, and 25% each to the lasers.

Back at the main machine, these are the three wheat harvesters. I had to surround them with fences since the slimes kept jumping on the farmland and destroying it.

The harvested wheat comes down the line, is made into bread, and stored in these chests. The chests are why the machine is technically not infinite; I can’t make an infinite amount of chests. Even if I could, I would have no way to set up a conveyor belt elaborate enough to sort the bread into the chests.

Here is where the bones are turned to bonemeal and then dispersed to the harvesters and the tree farm.

The bones go to the right, arrows to the left, and other mob drops to the lava. In a future update I will make it so that all mob drops are saved, including XP.

Here is the on/off switch.

I had difficulty at first because I needed to change the difficulty to turn off the spawners. I wanted everything to stop or start with one lever. So, I put some lights in the spawn rooms, set everything else up with some redstone and it worked perfectly.

This is an example of one of the mini-circuits controlling parts of the machine. The pulsar is constantly on, but it can’t send a current to the transmitter unless the on/off switch is on. That switch activates a piston which brings a dirt block up, allowing the redstone current to travel through it to the transmitter.

There are three of these rooms. There used to be 5, then I simplified things a bit.


This is the spawn location. I also refer to it as the torture chamber. Monsters come here via a teleporter and will encounter a laser causing them to die instantly.

One of the major and unavoidable flaws with my machine is that skeletons aren’t the only monsters that spawn. Creepers, zombies, spiders, endermen; they all feel the need to join in too. Doesn’t matter though. The lasers fear no one. Back in the day, my primary weapon was the sun. This, of course, meant nothing to spiders and creepers, so I had to kill them myself. It took a while to make it so that my machine could work at night. I tried arrows, that didn’t work very well. I wanted it so that i would reuse the arrows that skeletons dropped and shoot them back at them. But despite all that they dropped, I didn’t have enough. I am going to revisit that idea a bit in the future though and make an arrow machine.

Anyway, the mobs enter here…

And get fried to a crisp here.

This is where the drops flow out. I suppose I can get rid of that other laser. I made it to kill any escaping spiders that could make it out of the then 2 block wide hole. I made the hole smaller and now spiders can’t escape. So, I don’t need the 2nd laser now.

Those are the spawn rooms.


The spawners, which won’t currently work thanks to the lighting system.

25 spawners in each room. Do the math…Yes, 100 skeleton spawners.

Alright, let’s turn this thing on.

Another major and unavoidable flaw is that for the skeletons to spawn you must be near the spawners. Here they come.

Touching the laser means certain death. Good for me, bad for them. But most importantly, good for me.


With the bonemeal flowing, the tree farm is working. Unfortunately, another flaw, however small, is that you need a very small amount of coal to begin the machine. You see the first roaster, the one that turns logs to charcoal, needs fuel before it can start.


There’s the logs and saplings coming down the line now.

The logs smelted to charcoal.


Bonemeal sorting line in action.


Here comes the wheat.

Turned to bread.


Grrr…damn slimes. Here’s a tip. If any of you decide to try and make this machine, don’t make it in Superflat.

The laser will not activate unless this mob detector is activated.

That’s all for the demo. Time for my final speech. On Wednesday, I tested my machine and it yielded 611 pieces of bread, but used 5,370 arrows. That’s how I knew that I needed another method for killing the mobs. I discovered the laser and it was beautiful. Then I tested it yesterday and got only 410 pieces of bread but gained 569 arrows. By the way, in both of these tests, the duration was 20 minutes, one day-night cycle in Minecraft. You can see, the effort is great but the payoff can be greater if you give it enough time.

Yes, there are easier and more efficient food farms. The easiest being using pigs for an infinite supply of pork. I will give a demo of that and other simple machines in the future. But, this farm is just too awesome.

That’s all everyone. In the near future, I will show other food machines, and make other useful machines, and I will show them on here. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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