Featured Pictures: Defenseless Creeper (203/365)

A few days ago while I was working on my bread machine, I had a run in with a couple creepers. As you may recall, creepers were coming into my machine and this was before the laser. So, I had to kill the creepers myself which was more difficult than you may think. I hit it with my sword once but then I fell inside. I got a little too close to the creeper and I tried to fly out of there but I couldn’t. Mr. Creeper severely damaged part of my machine.

At this point, I was going slightly insane. Revenge was in order. I got myself a (what Tyler likes to call it) “God Sword.” An enchanted diamond sword with Sharpness 5 and Fire Aspect 2. I gave myself some creeper eggs and went crazy. I slaughtered them left and right. One of them though, managed to survive, for a while at least. Though he trapped himself.

Mr. Creeper found himself between a rock and a hard place. Or he found himself between bedrock and a creeper-hating man carrying a God Sword, which ever you prefer.

Well Mr. Creeper, you seem to be stuck there. Here, let me “help” you.

Mr. Creeper- Ah! It burnsssssss! Man- Hahahaha! Victory is mine!

Ha! Your father, or brother, or whatever, shouldn’t have crossed me.

You see friends, me and skeletons have a mutual hatred for each other. But everyone hates creepers, I’m just doing the world a favor. You’re welcome.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!



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