More Minecraft News And A Preview: (204/365)

Today’s just going to be a quick post, but tomorrow’s shall be in much better detail and length. Let’s begin.

Ok, so, first off, there is a software company, Uniloc, that is suing Mojang for an ‘infringement’ on a software-patent. They are claiming something about Mojang and a couple other major game-developers that are also doing the same. I don’t know much about this yet, but even the ever-awesome Notch has something to claim. Even Notch said, “will throw piles of money at making sure they don’t get a cent”. A bit harsh perhaps, but Notch has dealt with other people threatening to sue. Also, something that irks me just a bit, is what the ‘founder’ or so I believe put on his blog. Not only does he talk about the problem in a harsh light, but he also misspells Mojang. “Majong” as he calls it. Ok,  now I might be just a bit angry because I have OCD, but this is a game company, not a tile game.


Ok, secondly, today I watched The Dark Knight Rises in theaters. If there are any Batman fans, or even regular movie-goers, I would reccomend this movie to anyone. It’s truly amazing.

Anyway, tomorrow, I will be doing a special mod review. Until then Happy Mining!




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