Welcome To Prison, Minecraft Prison That Is! (207/365)

Hello everyone. Today, I’d like to introduce everyone out there to a different type of Minecraft server, The Jail Server!

As you may guess, this server takes place in, well, Jail. When you first spawn into a prison server, you will usually end up in ‘C’ block, or something related to that. ‘C’ block is the lowest rank that you can be. This is where all of the new players are, all the action, and all the killing. In order to advance to a higher block you must collect materials and sell them for money. In each block there are usually a few different ways to make money. I’ll share more on that later. ‘B’ block is higher up and there are better perks and mines in ‘B’ block versus in ‘C’ block. Then comes ‘A’ block, followed by the ‘Elites’ and finally freedom. Once you are at the ‘Free’ rank, you can now go where you want, build a house of your own, and do whatever the heck you want. To a point anyway.

How to advance:

In order to advance to the next block, and earn money, you must collect materials. There are two different “mines” that you can farm for stuff to sell. There is usually a tree farm on these servers, but they always have a mine. Here you collect materials to sell and earn money. Different Jail servers will have different rules, and different mines, but they all have the same premise, or gist. You must work your way out of jail.

‘C’ Block

‘C’ Block tree farm.

The mine.

And the shops. Here you sell all your materials for money, and you can also buy materials here too!


The Rules:

In prison servers there are rules, and there are also not rules. To elaborate let’s explain shall I?

Most prison servers have two different ‘modes’ if you will. When there are guards on the server, or guards are logged in, there is peace, and any fights are put to an end quickly. If you do ‘illegal’ things when there are guards on, they will find you and put you into jail. Or rather, a jail within jail. Jailception if you will.

Guards can sense fear.

When there are no guards on, that’s when the fun happens. Things go crazy, people fight and kill each other. There are devious plans set up, and all that fun stuff. With an exception. In the mines, a player is safe from attack. Most of the time. Some advice for first-comers. When you first start the server, my advice would be to run to the mines, running from everyone. At least until you learn who is a guard and who isn’t.

Occasionally on some of these servers, you can find a blackmarket where you can buy the ‘unobtainable’ stuff. Like Diamonds, flint and steel, swords, etc. All that fun stuff.

Press the button, I dare you.

As a side note, it can take a really long time to work your ways up the ranks. Although, once you get past the ‘C’ block area, it becomes progressively easier.

Until Tomorrow! Happy Mining!


A good Prison Server Ip:


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