The Release of The Pre-release and More! (208/365)

Well, I’ve got a couple of cool bits of information for you guys today. Without any further ado, I’ll show you!

Today the pre-release for Minecraft 1.3 came out, and you can download the client version here!

This pre-release contains a very early, and nearly finished Minecraft 1.3. You can do everything that you do normally in Minecraft, plus everything from the snapshots! If you’d like, you can download the server file here!

Today, considering our current number of views, we are getting incredibly close to 10 thousand views! Possibly, we are at 9,900 right now, and we average about a hundred per day! With luck we shall break that number and reach the 10 thousand mark.

On other news, today we have a very special treat for you all! Yesterday, and all through the night, Jonah worked hard on creating a special video for our blog. So I now present to you, a trailer, made by Jonah, for The Block Brothers! Enjoy!

Happy Mining!

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