Minecraft Tip #24 (210/365)

Hello everyone and here is another Minecraft Tip. For today’s tip, I decided to solve the biggest mystery in all of Minecraft.

How do you make all of the wool colors?

Personally, I have never even tried. I don’t use a lot of wool, and when I do, I just cheat and use TooManyItems. For those you don’t cheat or those who just want to know then here you go.

There are 16 different wool colors. Black, Gray, Light Gray, White, Brown, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lime, Blue, Light Blue, Cyan, Purple, and Magenta.

6 of these colors, you can find on sheep that spawn in Minecraft (I think spawn eggs only spawn white sheep, perhaps Mojang will make it random in the future, I think that would be a good idea).

The following percentages represent the chance that a sheep will have this color of wool:

  • White- 81.836%
  • Light Gray- 5%
  • Gray- 5%
  • Black- 5%
  • Brown- 3% (50% in Extreme Hills biome)
  • Pink- 0.164%

Now let’s say you want a lot of wool. First of all, you can get wool a couple ways. By killing or shearing sheep (shearing is more efficient as it produces more wool and the sheep can regrow it in time), you can get wool. You can also make wool by crafting a 2×2 square of string.

Now that you have your wool, here is how you can change its color.

There are seven ingredients to wool coloring:

  • Roses (Red)
  • Dandelions (Yellow)
  • Lapis Lazuli (Blue)
  • Bones (White)
  • Ink sacs (Black)
  • Cactus (Green)
  • Cocoa Beans (Brown)

Roses and dandelions can be found somewhat easily, just look around for flowers. Lapis can only be found underground and must be mined below level 31. Bones are dropped by Skeletons when they die. Ink Sacs are dropped by Squids when they die. You can find a cactus in the desert fairly easily. Finally, Cocoa Beans can be found in dungeons, or once 1.3 comes out can be found growing on jungle trees.

Roses, Dandelions, Bones, and Cactus are only the source of the dye. To make the dye itself you must place the roses, dandelions, or bones in the crafting bench and then you will have your dye. For cactus, you must smelt it to get cactus greens.

Those are only 7 colors though. To get the rest, you must combine the dyes.

  • White: Bonemeal
  • Black: Ink sac
  • Red: Rose Red Dye
  • Yellow: Dandelion Yellow Dye
  • Green: Cactus Green Dye
  • Brown: Cocoa Bean
  • Blue: Lapis Lazuli
  • Gray: Ink Sac + Bonemeal
  • Light Gray: Gray Dye + Bonemeal
  • Orange: Rose Red + Dandelion Yellow
  • Lime: Cactus Green + Bonemeal
  • Light Blue: Lapis Lazuli + Bonemeal
  • Cyan: Cactus Green + Lapis Lazuli
  • Pink: Rose Red +Bonemeal
  • Purple: Rose Red + Lapis Lazuli
  • Magenta: Purple Dye + Pink Dye

There you go! That is how you make the dyes. To make the actual wool, just stick a block of white wool and that dye into a crafting bench and you’re done.

The alternative, however, is to find a sheep and right-click the dye on it and the sheep will then have that wool color. That will be its wool color forever. So then you can shear it and you will get even more wool. It will regrow its wool and it will still have that same color.

That’s all for today everyone. I hope you found this tip useful. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!

On another note, yesterday we reached the 10,000 total views mark! This is quite the milestone for us. Considering, that nearly 7 months ago we were at about 2 per day, this is quite the milestone.


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