The Cannon to End Them All! (211/365)

Hello everyone! Quick post today, but I thought that I would show you guys a really cool video that I found a couple of days ago. This video, features the record-breaking TNT Cannon. This cannon features 6804 pieces of TNT, and breaks a few records for cannons. Using this cannon you can be shot about 142 kilometers in the air, which results in about a day’s worth of falling. Enough of the explaining, let me just show you guys.


Amazing right? Well, there are a few restrictions. One, in order for Minecraft to not crash, you need to download a mod that is linked in the video’s description. This prevents Minecraft crashing. Also, this cannon will only work in 1.2.5, due to the fact that pistons are different in this version.

Thanks for watching! Happy Mining!



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