FarmCraft Mod Review (212/365)

Happy Mod Monday! Jonah here with another mod review this week. When I found this mod a few weeks ago I was excited to test it out. This mod is called, FarmCraft! This mod was made by Joseph552. It adds new plants and trees into Minecraft, and some other items as well. With new plants comes new food. Let’s find out if this mod was as exciting as I thought.

To start, when you create a new world you will find some differences. One of the most notable changes are the many greenhouses around the area.

Down below and out in the distance you can see some glass. That was generated by the mod and is a greenhouse.

Here is one greenhouse. Inside you will find 3 new plants: Carrots, tomatoes, and sunflowers. But there are a few annoyances with these greenhouses. Number one, this house is floating above the water. Now, sure, Minecraft has never embraced gravity but a greenhouse shouldn’t generate like that.


Problem 2, you see how some of the farmland was destroyed along with the plants. Well that is because it generated partially within a tree. The leaves destroyed the farmland.

Here you can see that it spawned in the sand, leaving only half the greenhouse open, but removing the water in it, rendering it useless.

Here it is even worse, it generated completely in the hill. You can find greenhouses that appear normal but this is a very annoying bug. No worries though, these greenhouses are so common that you won’t have a problem finding another one.

That is actually another problem I have. The greenhouses shouldn’t be so common. The should be rare so that you get excited when you find one, sort of like a jungle/desert temple in the 1.3 update. Enough of the greenhouses though, onto the plants.

You will find sunflowers around the world. But they are kinda below the ground level, kinda strange but no big deal. Apparently the creator is working on that bug. These are also a little too common, but no big deal.

Also, there can be a little confusion with sunflowers. You see, there are sunflower flowers, and there are sunflower plants. The flowers are pictured above and are just meant to look nice, they serve no purpose. The plants drop sunflower seeds which can be turned into food. I found myself confused at that, again no big deal.


Here are the 3 plants. Carrots drop seeds and carrots which can be eaten and provides 2.5 points of hunger. Tomatoes, like carrots, drop seeds and tomatoes which can also be eaten and fill 2 hunger points. Finally, sunflower plants drop sunflower seeds. When baked, they can be eaten and will fill half a point of hunger. When you add salt to it (I will get to salt in a bit), you get a salted sunflower seed which fills 1.5 hunger points.

Also, and this may seem a bit random, this mod adds pumpkin pie. Yes, it is slightly random but I like this addition. In fact, I think this would be a good addition to Vanilla Minecraft. There is raw pumpkin pie and baked pie. You can eat both of them, the baked pie fills 3 hunger points. The only problem is that the raw pie is eatable, but it does not fill the hunger bar at all, another bug I assume.

There are two new trees too; Maple and Orange trees

Here is a maple tree. It does not have a purpose yet, just looks cool.

And here is the orange tree, you can get oranges from it, but I haven’t been able to actually get an orange from one yet. I am not sure if they are extremely rare, if I haven’t been doing it right, or if it is just another bug. Anyway, oranges (if you manage to get one), can be eaten and will fill 2.5 hunger points.

There are two new minerals also. Here is salt, found at level 55 and below.


These blocks will drop about 4 pieces of salt, which looks like white gunpowder.

And here is Mother Earth stone. It gives off a nice little glow.

They look like green, fat diamonds. These can be used to craft a Staff of Mother Earth. This staff acts like bonemeal for the new plants. However, there is an unfortunate bug with this too. For some reason, when you use it on carrots, tomatoes and sunflowers it breaks right away. It works, but it breaks. Kind of a pain.

Ok, now I am doing something a little different for the end of this review. I am offering little suggestions or things that I would like to see added/changed in this mod. For the record, I am not a modder and I do not understand how difficult it is to potentially do these things. I just thought of a few things that could make this mod better. First, the final rating.



I give this mod 3.5/5 diamonds. Now, it may have sounded like I criticized this mod A LOT, and I sort of did, but I still enjoyed this mod. I just have a few problems with it. For one, there are a lot of bugs with this mod. The greenhouses generating in awkward places, the staff breaking instantly, and my inability to get oranges (although I still am not sure if that is a bug). My other problem with it is that most of the items are limited to just one purpose. Now, I know this is a young mod (it is 4 months old), so I know that there are going to be bugs and that it is still going to be,  in its “infant stage,” so to speak. So, for that, I give this mod some credit. This mod also did what I wanted it to do, it added new plants and food to Minecraft. And, it did a fairly good job of it. So, yes I like this mod, but it wasn’t as great as I hoped it would be.

As for the things I would like added or changed with this mod, I think it would be cool to add another plant: Corn. I just think this would be a cool thing to add and it would open doors to more food items. I would also like to see the foods combined to make new foods. Branching off of that, give the items more than one purpose. The staff, for example, I think it would be nice to have it act like a hoe too, so it can make farmland and maybe harvest crops for a potentially greater yield. Also, (and this is another thing that would be cool in Vanilla Minecraft) apple pie! Finally, I do think that sunflowers look nice. I think they would look even better if they were slightly more realistic, by that I mean increase their height. Have their max height be 3-4 blocks. Again, these are just ideas and I think they would be sort of interesting.

Wow, that was a lot of words. Well, I hope you enjoyed this mod review.

Here is the FarmCraft page on Minecraft Forum, you can download the mod from there (of course, 1.3 is only days away so you may have to play on 1.2.5 if you want this mod as it might not be updated for a while):

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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