Minecraft 1.3 Released, Video, and Blog News (214/365)

Hello everyone! Today is August 1st. A normal day in the Minecraft world. Or am I forgetting something? Oh yeah!

Minecraft 1.3 released today!

The last update was on April 4th, we have waited nearly 4 months for this update, and it is huge! We will have an in-depth review of 1.3 tomorrow, so stay tuned. Today, I am going to talk more about the blog than anything.

Today is a pretty big day for Minecraft, but July was a really big month for this blog. We hit several milestones last month, and we couldn’t have done it without you, our viewers.

On July 18th, we had our 200th post. On July 27th, last Friday, we hit a total view count of 10,000. Over the entire month, we managed to get an average of 101 views per day. This milestone is the greatest of all and holds the most meaning for Tyler and I. About 6 months ago, we made a goal for ourselves, to get an average of 100 views per day on our blog. Allow me to explain this a bit more.

Tyler and I were in a Personal Financial Management class together. Sometime in February, our teacher had us do a little project, we were supposed to come up with goals, and write them down and then glue them to a disc. Yeah, it sounds dumb, it was. I felt like I was back in elementary school. So, I didn’t take it very seriously. I wrote down some cliche goals like “Buy a car” and “Graduate from college.” I couldn’t think of any others, then I came up with a very meaningful and important goal.

“Get an average of 100 views per day on the blog.”

I meant it, and I wanted to achieve that goal, but I never truly thought it would happen. Tyler agreed and wrote down that as one of his goals too. I don’t know if he thought it would ever happen, maybe he did.

Then, in late April, something happened to our blog. We got tons of views, way more than our average of about 20. That started something, gradually, we saw an increase of the number of views on our blog.

We averaged 68 views in May. I didn’t think it would increase in June, I thought we would go back to normal. Nope.

We averaged 86 views in June. I didn’t think we could possibly get more views in July. Wrong again.

A couple weeks into July, we were already averaging 100+ views. I started to have hope. We decreased a bit. And then, in the final week, we increased again, and we did it.

We averaged 101 views in July. We reached our goal. I don’t know if we will increase in August, but I won’t say it’s impossible. A few months ago, Tyler and I agreed that if we did indeed meet our goal, that we would have a party. So, that might involve a special post in the next few days.

Now, I love blogging, but doing a 365 project is stressful, to say the least. In the early months, particularly in March (because of school stress and less views), Tyler and I were regretting starting this 365 a few times. I mean, it would make our lives a lot easier. Well, we stuck with it, and here we are. Now that our blog is doing better, I don’t regret it at all. We aren’t famous like CaptainSparklez or the Yogscast, but we were never trying to be. It would be cool, but we never started this blog with that intent.

This coming month will be an interesting one, along with the last 4 months. In 24 days, I move down to campus, and start college 3 days later. This will add a new level of stress to the blog for Tyler and I, but we dealt with a lot of stress so far, we’re used to it…sort of. Either way, we will complete this 365 project. It would be a shame to fail after coming so far.

When the 365 is over, we have decided that we will continue posting, but not every day.

As more people view our blog, we will try to make it even better. We are trying to include more Tips, mod reviews, and news into our blog, but we need help with some other things. If you know of any mods, maps, servers, or anything else that you think we should try out and review let us know in a comment or an e-mail.

One more thing, for our Featured Pictures, we only show pictures of things that we built in Minecraft, I want to change that. If you have something cool that you made in Minecraft and you want to share it with us we would appreciate it. Your creation could be featured on our blog. Send us an e-mail with your Minecraft username, a picture or video of your creation, explain what it is, and explain what materials you used, how long it took, etc.

E-MAIL ADDRESS: theblockbrothers@hotmail.com

I believe that is all. So, from Tyler and I, thank you so much for viewing our blog and making it what it is today. Follow our blog, like our Facebook page, like one of our posts, leave a rating, leave a comment, do whatever you want!

Finally, here is an awesome Minecraft video made by Vareide. It features many of the popular Minecraft people. Watch it.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining! Now go download Minecraft 1.3 already.


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