Minecraft Tip #26 (215/365)

Hello all! Just so you know, Tyler and I are working on a post about 1.3, we couldn’t get it totally finished today…perhaps tomorrow. Instead, we have another tip for you guys. This is all about enchanting and includes all the changes made to enchanting in 1.3.  Enjoy!

Before Beta 1.9, a sword was a sword. You couldn’t do anything to make it stronger or last longer. All you could do was use a different mineral. But with the release of 1.9, came the addition of one of the coolest blocks ever: the enchantment table. Using a table, one could make a sword of unbelievable power, a pick with strong mining capabilities, and armor with super protective strength. Minecraft entered a new realm, one where players no longer had to fear the night, and where PvP servers were ruled by those with the best enchantments.

Enchanting is really an easy process, but it can take some time to set up. Let’s start with the basics. First, you need an enchantment table.

Now you can’t get one of these right away, it will take some time as you will need to have found at least 5 diamonds (2 for the table and 3 for the pick needed to mine the obsidian). But, it is a fairly simple recipe.

Books are also an important part to enchanting. You need one for the recipe, and you need a lot more to power up your table. More on that later.

Right now, there are only 9 items that can be enchanted. Swords, picks, shovels, axes, bows, and all 4 pieces of armor can be enchanted, no more. You can, of course, enchant each different type of tools/armor (wooden, stone, leather, etc.). And different types have different enchantability levels.

Here is an enchantment table. When you get close enough, the book will open up and start spinning. With no bookshelves, the highest level you can enchant to is 5.

You need 15 bookshelves set up this way to fully power up a table.

When you right-click the table, this menu will open up. When you place one of the nine items in the slot, 3 enchantment options will show up on the right. You can’t tell what the enchantment will be, all you can see is the level needed to enchant it. The enchantments are random, and the higher the level the more likely it is that you will get a better enchantment but there is no guarantee. You can spend 30 levels for a Sharpness 3, I am speaking from experience. Before 1.3, you had to try numerous times to get the max level enchantment, now the max level is automatically shown in the third slot. Makes life a lot easier.

You pay for enchantments with your experience level. So, killing mobs, mining, smelting, and/or destroying spawners is crucial to enchanting.

Here is what I got, Knockback 2 for 47 levels. Yes, that does suck. You will usually get more than one enchantment in the higher levels. Sometimes you just have really crappy luck.

Enchanted tools/armor will have a glow to them in your inventory and when you are holding them.

This is what I got for 50 levels. Smite 5 and Fire Aspect 2. That actually isn’t terrible You can get better than this though.

Let’s see how the zombies hold up against it.

The answer is: Not well.

Alright, so let’s talk about the details.

1. Bookshelves

You need bookshelves if you hope to get any good enchantments. So, as soon as you start your world you should keep an eye out for sugar cane. Harvest all of it. Make a farm near your home because you are going to need a lot of it. Sugar cane makes paper, paper makes books, books make bookshelves. To make a fully powered enchantment table you need 135 pieces of sugar cane.

Now, you need leather to make books. So, you will need 45 pieces of leather. Go kill some cows.

Finally, to make one bookshelf you need 3 books and 6 wooden planks. So, you need 90 wooden planks.

To summarize, here’s what you need for a fully powered enchantment table:

  • 135 pieces of sugar cane
  • 45 pieces of leather
  • 90 wooden planks
  • 1 enchantment table

2. Material Enchantabiilty

Different materials can have a higher or lower likelihood of getting stronger enchantments. As surprising as it may seem, diamond has one of the lowest enchantability levels.

Gold has the highest enchantability for armor and tools, but as you know, gold items wear out very fast. Diamond is still, most likely, your best bet. It will have decent enchantments and will last the longest.

3. Enchantments

Here is a list of all the possible enchantments.



  • Aqua Affinity I- Increases underwater mining rate
  • Respiration I, II, III- Will decrease the rate of air loss underwater and increases the time between damage while suffocating.


  • Feather Falling I, II, III, IV- Protects against fall damage.

All armor:

  • Protection I, II, III, IV- Protects from all damage.
  • Fire Protection I, II, III, IV- Protects against fire. Duh.
  • Blast Protection I, II, III, IV- Protects against explosions.
  • Projectile Protection I, II, III, IV- Protects against projectiles like arrows and fireballs.



  • Sharpness I, II, III, IV, V- Extra damage to all mobs/players.
  • Smite I, II, III, IV, V- Extra damage to zombies, zombie pigmen, and skeletons.
  • Bane of Arthropods I, II, III, IV, V- Extra damage to spiders, cave spiders, and silverfish.
  • Knockback I, II- Increases knockback dealt when attacking mobs and players.
  • Fire Aspect I, II- Ignites enemy in lovely fire.
  • Looting I, II, III- Increases chance for mobs to drop more loot.


  • Power I, II, III, IV, V- Extra damage to all mobs/players.
  • Punch I, II- Increases knockback dealt when attacking mobs and players.
  • Flame I- Ignites enemy in lovely fire.
  • Infinity I- Allows you to shoot an infinite amount of arrows, as long as you have 1 arrow in your inventory.

Picks, Shovels, Axes:

  • Efficiency I, II, III, IV, V- Faster mining/digging/cutting.
  • Silk Touch I- Blocks mined drop themselves. For example, if mining stone, you will pick up stone, not cobblestone.
  • Unbreaking I, II, III- Increases the chance for the tool to last longer. Could potentially quadruple the duration of the tool.
  • Fortune I, II, III- Increases the chance to multiply the drop rate of items from blocks. For example, you could receive more than one diamond when mining diamond ore.

That’s all I have for you on enchanting. Sometime in the near future we may have a tip about experience. Stay tuned for that. Yes, this was a very long post, but I wanted to be sure to cover everything. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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