Stopping The Hackers (218/365)

Everyone who’s ever played on a PvP server has had this happen to them. You meet an opponent. Both of you are armed to the teeth, with the same weapons and enchantments. You charge in hoping to beat him, since the chances are 50/50. Nearing the end of the battle, you’re nearly dead and you haven’t even hit him once. First you think that he’s skilled, but over time you find more like him. Then comes the realization, he has Kill Aura.

Kill Aura is a hack enabled by the many different hacked-clients for Minecraft. These hacked-clients allow the player to cheat in extensive ways on both the singleplayer and multiplayer side. Now, on the singleplayer side,  I don’t entirely disapprove of, as sometimes it is needed. It’s on the multiplayer side that irks me. And this isn’t the only hack that there is. There are too many hacks that make the game so entirely worthless to play. Now, I don’t mean anything about Minecraft, but when you don’t need to try to get anything, are unstoppable, don’t even need to click, there’s a problem. Once you begin to use hacks, you never stop. At that point, Minecraft isn’t even fun anymore. There’s no challenge, and that’s the worse part. Using the X-ray hack, you can see minerals and hidden chests. You could literally have a full set of diamond by your first night. Not cool. That’s not even the entire list, there are lots of hacks, and I’ll list off the most prominous, (and dangerous).

  • Aura or Forcefield: This automatically attacks anything from players to mobs within striking range.
  • Dupe: Duplicates items. Multiple tools with the same durability and/or enchantments can be evidence of this, and dangerous amounts of TNT can be created. This is usually patched, but some versions of Bukkit require an anti-duplication plugin in order to prevent this.
  • Flying: Not necessarily used just for griefing, this hack gives the user the ability tofly similar to as if he or she was in creative mode at adjustable speed levels.
  • Freecam: This mod allows the user to separate him or herself from his or her body and fly around to scout out areas. Since infinite reach was patched, the user of this mod cannot affect any blocks outside his or her reach radius.
  • Fullbright or Night-Vision: This hack lights up all blocks as if they were in direct sunlight, even in pitch blackness.
  • God: This makes the user invincible. Almost all versions of this hack have been patched.
  • Jump Height: This allows the player to jump higher than normal.
  • No-fall: This hack prevents damage from being taken when falling from high areas.
  • Nuker: This destroys all blocks within reach radius automatically.
  • Sneak: This allows griefers to sneak indefinitely and move at a faster pace. This will keep their nameplates hidden behind walls just as if they were holding the sneak button.
  • Spam or Flood: This allows the client to send a huge number of chat messages to the server.
  • Speed Breaking or Instant Mine: This allows for griefers to break blocks at a much greater speed than normal.
  • X-Ray or Wallhack: Stops the rendering of any block besides ones desirable to the griefer. This hack is often used to find chests or valuable minerals such as diamond. It can be partially prevented using server plugins that disguise ores and chests that are not adjacent to transparent blocks.

See the list? This is why we need help, and I have the solution. We need to involve Mojang, and we need your help.


The Gist:

First off we need to create a website. This website, should serve as a list of known player hackers. People can go here and list off the known hacker Minecraft players. From here, using the help of Mojang, they could create an updating file in the server.jar that warns moderators when a known hacker has connected to their server. From here, the moderators would keep an eye on the player, to stop him from any form of hacking. Simple as that.

Along with that idea, why not expand a bit? Why not put down known griefers? This way newer servers could ban people if they worry about griefing. Another warning for Moderators would also help to insure the security of a server and enable a safe, and fun experience online.

Just a bit of food for thought. Happy Mining!




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