A Lego Chicken and A Challenge (219/365)

Hello everyone, today’s a bit different with our post. I am going to share with you a cool little project I had seen done on the Minecraft Forums and then I have a challenge for you. First off, to the project!

So I was browsing the Minecraft forums today, and came upon a very cool little thing someone built. Using Legos, this guy built a to-scale replica of a Chicken from Minecraft. Looking at the photos, I believe that I am going to try and make one of these. If I have the pieces that is.

I want one.

This little guy would be the perfect companion for a desk, preferably my desk while playing Minecraft.  The artist even included some well-detailed instructions on how to build this.

You can view the instructions here. Now if you have some spare legos around the house, why don’t you collect them up and build it?

As an additional challenge, I ask you to create any Minecraft mob, or anything related to Minecraft out of legos. Send us some photos at theblockbrothers@hotmail.com and we will feature it on the blog!

There you are, I hope that you enjoyed the quick post. Now why don’t you build that chicken?

Happy  Mining!



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