Shelf Mod Review (220/365)

Hello everyone! First, I would like to apologize. I completely forgot that it was Mod Monday yesterday and when I got home the stupid power went out again. Life is cruel sometimes. Fortunately, Tyler had already done the post but he didn’t remember about Mod Monday either. Oh well. To make up for yesterday, here is a mod review for y’all.

Now, we are only one week into Minecraft 1.3, so there are many mods that still have yet to be updated. And since I don’t really want to do a mod review on an outdated mod, I will be reviewing some smaller mods until more are updated.

So, here is a very simple mod. The Shelf Mod, which comes from the mind of Risugami, who is responsible for other mods such as Modloader, Death Chest, Recipe Book, and more.

This mod, as the name suggests, adds shelves to Minecraft. These shelves act as miniature chests, the difference, however, is that the items will be displayed on the outside.

Here is a shelf. It sort of looks like stairs. but it is a lot cooler than that.

It is a very simple recipe. Here it is.

When you right click a shelf you will open up a menu very similar to that of a crafting table.

A 3×3 box where you can insert items like a chest. Now, this shelf is 1/3 of the size of a chest and it requires 3 wood planks to craft. So, if you just want a place to store things then go ahead and make a chest. But, as I said earlier, shelves display the items.

Like this! Pretty cool, huh?

So, whatever you place on the top row will be displayed on the top of the shelf. Then the middle row in the middle, bottom row on the bottom. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

You can stack items in shelves. That’s handy.

If you really wanted to, you could also use these shelves as stairs. I have no idea why you would want to, though.

Shelves come in four different varieties: Wood, Smooth stone, Brick, and Obsidian. The recipes are the same for each.

Now, I have a few very tiny  problems with this mod. First, you can’t shift-click items out of the shelf. Second, wooden shelves act like wooden half slabs used to, they have to be mined with a pick, not an axe. Finally, obsidian shelves can be destroyed with any pick, instead of just diamond. now, I suppose that just makes life easier but it would be more realistic if you needed a diamond pick.

Those are things I would like to see fixed in a future update, but it isn’t a huge deal.



I give this mod 4/5 diamonds. It is simple, handy, and it looks nice. I could see a mod like this being useful in shops on some servers. There are a few small problems I have with it, but all-in-all this is a neat mod.

Download the mod here:

Thanks for reading. We will try to remember about Mod Monday next week and, hopefully, more mods will be updated by then and w can do a review on something a little more exciting. For example, we got requests to do mod reviews on Thaumcraft, Redpower, and ComputerCraft. We have not forgotten about your requests, don’t worry, but these are big mods that will likely take a while to be updated.

Until tomorrow…Happy Mining!


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