The Road to 1.4 Begins With Snapshot 12w32a (223/365)

It was just 10 days ago that Minecraft updated to 1.3, and Mojang has already started work on 1.4. We waited 4 months for 1.3 and now we are beginning to see how 1.4 will come together and there is something truly enjoyable about it. While Mojang is working on 1.4, they are also trying to get 1.3.2 out in order to fix some of the major bugs. This new patch will apparently have no new features, just bug fixes.

But who cares about 1.3.2? Let’s talk about 1.4. This snapshot shows that Jeb has some interesting ideas in store for 1.4, work will continue on adventure mode, mobs will get a bit of an upgrade, and a certain block which is called “work in progress” for obvious reasons. I tested out the new snapshot and took a few pictures to show you guys.

Let’s discuss the new mob situation. The last mob update included a new AI system, this one will give certain mobs new equipment. Is that vaguely terrifying enough for you? Based on the difficulty, zombies, pigmen, and skeletons can get armor and weapons. The following pictures were taken while playing on hard difficulty, so imagine what it would be like on hardcore difficulty.

Skeletons can have chain armor…and enchanted bows.

Zombies get gold armor, swords, and other tools.

This zombie has a shovel, but this one looks a bit different, doesn’t he?

That is another change. Zombies can infect villagers, turning them into zombies. They can also infect baby villagers.

This is a zombie villager. It looks exactly the same…except it looks like squidward.

Well, if you were afraid of the night before, then watch out for 1.4 because it’s about to get a lot scarier.

Also, the command block was added, which will improve on the current situation for Adventure mode.

Here it is. To get it you must use the /give command with the item # 137. It can’t be found in the creative inventory and it does not have a recipe yet.

Right-click to open a menu. Type any command you want and then add one of the options listed if it applies to the specified command.

When powered with redstone, it will activate that command.

I used the /xp 5000 command and then included @p (for nearest player), powered it with a lever and I instantly got my xp.

Finally for today is the beacon block, aka the “work in progress” block. First, you need to build a pyramid out of a mineral storage block (block of iron, gold, diamond, or emerald). It needs to be d1-4 levels high.

This is the single level pyramid, which is really just a 3×3 square. Place the block on top and it will emit a giant beam into the air.

Right-click to open the menu. When the block is being powered with one piece of iron, gold, diamond, or emerald, and when you are standing close enough to it, you will get a power up of your choice. Depending on the level, you can get speed, haste, resistance, jump boost, strength, or regeneration.

These power-ups will last for as long as you are in a certain radius of the pyramid. The bigger the pyramid, the better the power ups and the larger the radius. This is the biggest pyramid, a 4-level pyramid.

Slight problem though, if you try to activate a 4-level pyramid, your server or single player world will crash, and it won’t come back. Yes, this thing will actually destroy the world. So, if you want to test it, do it on a brand new world. Like it says, this block is a work in progress.

Anyway, that is all for the snapshot’s biggest changes. Thanks for reading, Happy Mining, and remember:

Any block that is called “Work in Progress” should be handled with extreme caution. 🙂


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