Minecraft Pocket Edition & Xbox 360 Edition Updates (224/365)

In case you missed the news from a few days ago, Mojang has been pretty busy. they have not only been working on 1.3.2 and 1.4, but they were also hard at work on the Pocket Edition and Xbox Edition for Minecraft as both of them received an update recently.

The Xbox edition was comprised of some serious bug fixes and no new features. Nothing too exciting there but at least Xbox Minecrafters can play Minecraft a bit easier now.

The Pocket Edition got a much more exciting update though. It has now been updated to 0.3.3 and includes spiders, skeletons, bows, arrows, flint, and bonemeal. Mobs can also drop items now and torches can be placed on fences. There were also many bug fixes.

In other news, I realized that we never mentioned anything about Minecon 2012. Well, Mojang released the location of the future event. Here is the video, find out for yourself.

That is all, thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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