Featured Mobs: The Chicken (225/365)

Hello everyone, today I’m going to do a quick featured mob for the post today. Tomorrow I’ll be doing a bigger post.

Summary: Chickens are peaceful mobs that offer the player character feathers, food, and eggs. They are about half the player size, coming down to a block tall. They can fit through any, 1×1 block hole and will commonly do so. Their AI tends to lead them to wander aimlessly, although they are talented at finding their way around the world. They navigate most blocks and obstacles easily enough, and they also tend to search out areas of light compared to areas of darkness. When they fall from anything higher than a 1 block high fall, they flap their wings and will glide down to the ground taking no fall damage whatsoever. Chickens lay eggs every 5-10 minutes, with an average of 7.4 minutes per egg.


There are multiple ways to spawn a chicken. You can throw an egg to spawn a chick. Every egg has a 1/8 chance to spawn a baby chick, with an addition 1/256 chance to spawn four chicks.

Additionally you can feed wheat to each chicken to bring them into their love mode spawning yet an additional chicken. With chickens, since all chickens lay eggs, there is no  difference between chickens. There are no females or males, since they all lay eggs.

There you are! I hope that you enjoyed the post, and have a good night. Happy Mining!



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