TooManyItems Mod Review (226/365)

Hello world. Well once again, I forgot about Mod Monday. Thankfully, Tyler remembered and reminded me. So, I am going to do this mod review rather quickly because I am sick and I sort of want to sleep.

So, TooManyItems is a very helpful mod. This mod, when you open up the inventory screen, displays all of the blocks and items in Minecraft so that you can spawn them in. It will even include other blocks and items included in any mod that you have downloaded. If you want to turn off the TMI screen, just press the “O” button. This mod also has a few other helpful features, I will get to those in a bit.

This is what your inventory screen will look like with TooManyItems (if you play on fullscreen that is).

The blocks and tools are sorted in order of their ID#, starting with Stone (#1).


If you left click one of the items you will get a full stack of it, or a single item for weapons/tools/etc.

By right-clicking the item you will add the item one at a time to your inventory.

And if you hold down shift and left-click the item it will give you an infinite amount of that item, although it will only say 111.

TooManyItems will also give you certain, unobtainable items such as an End portal block. You can go to The End even without finding a stronghold.


You can do the same for a Nether portal block.

On the top bar there are a series of buttons. The first is delete mode. You can turn it on and start clicking stuff all over your inventory to delete it. Or you can carry items individually over to the button to delete them.

The next button is to turn Creative mode on/off.

Next up is the button to toggle rain or snow on/off.

The next 4 buttons will change the time of day. Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, and Midnight.

The last one changes the difficulty.

Another neat feature of this mod is that if you have a full inventory you can save it, and then clear it out and put more stuff in. Simply click one of the 7 save tabs on the left side of the screen.


If you clear out the inventory, you can start fresh and start collecting more items. To bring your old inventory up again, just click that tab again. Note: if you don’t save the items you currently have in your inventory before you load up an old one, you will lose all those items. To erase a save just click the “X” next to the tab.

That is all there really is to say about this mod. Sure, now that we have Singleplayer commands in 1.3, you can do almost all of these things without this mod. That may be true but I find this to be much easier than typing in commands. Besides, you don’t need to look up the ID# of the block you want using TMI.



Yep, I give this mod 5/5 diamonds because it is extremely helpful. It doesn’t even need Modloader or any other mod in order to work (although, apparently you get more features when you have Modloader downloaded). This is a very easy mod to download and understand, and it is very useful. I strongly encourage you to download this mod, unless you are okay with typing in commands to do these things.

That is all, thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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