Featured Mobs: Spider and Skeleton Variants (227/365)

I’ve decided to combine the posts for the Spider and the Skeleton into one as they are all related in a similar way. There are two different variants of the spiders, and the skeletons and the spiders can also become Spider Jockeys. So, henceforth, they shall be known as one. And so it was. I’m going to try my best to organize the post in the best way that I can, so hopefully it will turn out well. Let’s begin shall we?

Spider Variants:

The Regular Spider:


The spider is another of the so-called ‘Violent” mobs with one exception to that rule. These mobs will attack the player during the night, or when there is not enough light, such as in a cave. However, when it turns day, or there is enough light, the spider will not attack the player character unless provoked to do so. They are 2x2x1 blocks high which means that they cannot fit through any doorways, however they can and will go through  two block hole in walls. Another special ability of the spider, is their ability to climb up walls. Spiders can climb vertically across walls, and will do so commonly in combat. They however cannot climb backwards, making it so the player character can prevent them from climbing into a compound. Spiders, unlike the skeleton and the zombie, do not burn up in the sunlight.

Spiders cannot be bred, and can be spawned by darkness or a monster egg. They provide spider eyes, which are a useful ingredient in alchemy, and additionally string which is used for bows, fishing rods, and additionally wool.

Combat: Spiders can be difficult to battle as they tend to jump quite often, and they will often climb upon the walls to attack the player from above. Your best bet is to not let the spider have the high ground, instead taking it and attacking the spider when it jumps. As an additional side note, spiders can see you through walls, even solid block walls. So they can still see you even through stone, so long as they are in a 16 block radius.

The Cave Spider:

Summary: The Cave Spider is very similar to the regular spider in exception of it’s size, color and attack. It’s a lot smaller, which means that it can fit between slabs or the spaces between the fences. It portrays a light blue color. And the most notable exception is that it’s poisonous. Once it attacks you , it will do a heart of damage every 1.5 seconds until the effect wears off. Your best bet is to run, and take cover, eliminating the spiders one by one. Otherwise they can quickly overwhelm you and kill you before you know it. Also, using Milk can cure the poisonous effect of the spider.

The Skeleton:

Skeletons are bipedal creatures, not unlike the player character, that use the bow and arrow as their primary weapon. They do not have a melee attack, making it easy to dispatch them once you get close. Skeletons can be very dangerous when grouped together, as they can fire rather rapidly. Skeletons do burn up in the sunlight, but they commonly seek out dark areas to prevent this. Skeletons are the only source of bones that the player can find. They also occasionally drop arrows.

Skeletons spawn in the darkness, or when forced to by a monster egg.

The Spider Jockey:

This mob is a unique version of the spider or skeleton. Every time one of these mobs spawn, there is a 1% chance that it will spawn as a spider jockey. The spider jockey is a skeleton archer put upon the back of a spider. This new mob can not only climb walls, but it has a melee and a ranged attack. And since they are two different entities, they can attack you at the same time. However, eliminating the spider or the skeleton makes the fight much easier. As a fair warning, it’s best to have extreme caution with these mobs as they can kill you quite fast.

Strangely enough, you cannot force these mobs to spawn with any monster eggs.

Another side note. These are incredibly rare, as I’ve played Minecraft for nearly a year now, and I have only seen one of these mobs. They are really rare.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a special, three-part mob review. Comment if you want a specific mob done before others. Happy Mining my fellow Minecrafters.



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