Featured Pictures: Cool Minecraft Creations (229/365)

Hello everyone, Tyler here. I was cruising the internet today and I came upon some really cool things, screenshots of some really epic creations. Seeing as some of these are just epic, I thought that I would show you a picture of one, with a little description perhaps.

First off; Darth Vader

When you imagine the sheer talent that this artist had, it’s really quite awesome. Not to mention that whoever made this obviously put a lot of time into creating some pixel are with the various different blocks. Plus it’s Star Wars. That just makes it awesome.

Continuing along with Star Wars, check this one out.

Another example of Minecraft Pixel Art, whoever made these had some talent. For some reason these sculptures remind me of bobbleheads. Not sure why.

Someone created a really awesome replica of a military vehicle that the US military commonly uses. Besides just a bit of the blocking, it’s hard to tell that it’s made out of blocks. You know you’ve created something awesome in Minecraft, when it doesn’t appear blocky anymore.

I would totally live in this town. No doubt about it.

This one is really, really cool. Someone made, believe it or not, a life sized replica of the USS Enterprise. Now that shows dedication, and the creativity of people around us. It’s amazing that someone can build something this huge, and make it look so awesome.

Now, onto my personal favourite for what I found today. Here is my “Featured Picture” for today.

Now I know I might like it due to the shaders, but even without that, it looks awesome. I’ve always been a fan of anything medieval so this really gave me the chills. Not to mention, how those mountains had to be crafted to look like that also. Kind of makes you wonder. How long did this take?

Happy Mining my friends!



8 comments on “Featured Pictures: Cool Minecraft Creations (229/365)

    • The sky is unarguably fake, but I don’t know for sure about the mountains. Even if they are, it’s just a background, the boat is the main feature and that is what is truly amazing about the picture.

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