Minecraft Tip #28 (231/365)

Hello everyone. I have a fairly simple tip for you guys today. I would assume that almost everyone knows about Achievements in Minecraft, it should be one of the first things you see when you start the game, but have you ever tried to get all of them?

Most of them are really simple and you can probably get most of them without even trying. Some of them, however, can be a bit more difficult, or just very time consuming. So, if you want to know how to get all of these achievements then keep on reading.

At the in-game menu there is an “Achievements” tab, click that to open its menu.

The menu is like a map, showing all of the achievements. The lit up achievements are ones that you have already completed, the blinking ones can be achieved and the dark ones are currently locked. You have to accomplish each achievement in order. Once you get the Benchmarking achievement, that will unlock 3 more which open up even more.


Once you have gotten an achievement you will see a little message on the top-right corner of the screen showing what achievement you got.

Here is the complete Achievement map with the instructions on how to get each one.

Sorry for the weird parts where the pictures overlap, I had to crop and combine 6 different screenshots. It took a while and I don’t have a good photo editor program, but it should be good enough.If you have difficulty reading the instructions, then click the image and zoom in.

In this map you see that most of the achievements are squares, that is because they are easy to get. The diamond-like shapes are a bit more difficult to achieve. Here are the 5 time-consuming/difficult achievements:

9. This one is just weird. You have to make a pig fly off of a cliff. To do this, you must use a saddle to ride a pig and have the pig get fall damage.

11. This one can be a bit difficult but can be done. You must kill a skeleton with a bow from at least 50 meters (50 blocks) away. You might need to turn on your view distance to Normal or Far to accomplish this one.

17. This one will take a while, I guarantee it. You must ride a minecart for 1 kilometer from where you started. 1 kilometer would be 1,000 blocks. So, yeah, have fun. I hope you are patient.

21. According to Minecraft Wiki there is a bug with this achievement. The game says that you must deal 8 hearts of damage in a single hit but the source code says you must deal 9 hearts. To do this you will need a good enchanted sword. I used a Smite 4, Fire Aspect 2 diamond sword on a zombie and it worked. Although, there are many different enchantments that could be used.

23. This one isn’t too difficult but it may take a few tries. You must kill a Ghast with its own fireball. To do this you have to redirect the fireball at it by hitting the fireball with your sword before it hits you. As I said, this may take a few tries as it can be difficult to aim the fireball back at the Ghast. Good luck though.

A few warnings for you. First, there are two other bugs with achievements. They can reset for no reason at all, which happened to me today, and they will reset when you update your minecraft.jar (so when you force update or when Minecraft updates, etc.). Kind of a pain but it isn’t the end of the world. Second, you don’t get anything from completing all of the achievements, except for self-satisfaction maybe. So, if you are doing this for a reward, hate to break it to you but there is none.

If you do manage to complete them all though, congratulations. You can give yourself a reward, cheat and give yourself 5 diamonds or something.

That is all for today. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!



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