Minecraft News Weekly (232/365)

Today, Jonah and I decided to try something new with our blog. Instead of the usual post-about-the-news-as-it-happens, we decided to dedicate a day in the week for all of the news of the past week to get rounded up and then combined into a big post. It should allow a sense of more organization. And, since we started it today, we shall keep doing news every Sunday for the forseeable future. We will also post news if it’s a really big update, or something that we feel you need to know about. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

To start us off, I’ll talk just a bit about Minecraft passing the 7 million mark. So, this week Minecraft has had over 7 million people buy Minecraft accounts. Which, considering the average price, is about 140 million dollars earned. So, from the Block Brothers, congratulations. And thank you for making such an awesome game, and always adding new stuff.

MCX360(Minecraft Xbox Edition) is still breaking records for Xbox, not to mention any Arcade-like game on other consoles. Selling on average about 17,000 copies a day, it’s already become profitable. Every edition sold is money gained for 4J studios, Mojang, and Microsoft.

The Android App for Minecraft is it’s #1 selling app on the marketplace according to google play. Another milestone added to it’s name.

There are no new snapshots this week, there have been some nice little screenshots causing excitement for the snapshot. A few new screenshots show what looks to be an ‘item frame’ where items could be displayed or shown. This has a few possible uses, such as marking out chests, having a wall clock, or even a quick location check with the map. It looks to be pretty nice, and I cannot wait.

Using this, it would be that much easier to decorate someone’s house and add a bit of flavor to the place.

There is also what appears to be pots, which can be used for decoration again, and also as a more compact way to grow things. (Maybe) It sure seems like this next update is going to have a focus on the decoration part of Minecraft, which until now, was definitely lacking. With the 1.3 rotatable wood and stairs, they made progress, but this next update will be a nice one.

All I can say, is that I want some of these pots for my house.

Getting away from the decoration part, it seems that Jeb has been working hard on adding a new potion effect to the game. Invisibility.

Oh my.

I cannot wait for this to come into effect. Just imagine the possibilities of pvping on servers now. Who needs to fight creepers when you can stroll right on by? Now, Server admins could watch people without being seen. It also appears that there is a slight distortion effect to it, which means that it will be easier to see them. Not to mention that anything in their hand seems to be visible, along with their armor. This way, if you wish to get the jump on someone, you can’t wear their armor. Good idea if you ask me.

I cannot find this image, but there appears to be a way to dye armor now. Rainbow Armor for the win!

I hope you enjoyed the first-ever news weekly post. Happy Mining my friends!



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