Mo’ Zombies Mod Review (233/365)

Here is a neat mod review for you today. This mod, Mo’ Zombies, does what you think it would do, add more zombies to the game. It adds 12 new zombies as well as one other mob. These zombies each get a unique appearance and special abilities. From surviving in sunlight, killing the player in one hit, and having faster speed, each zombie is unique and some are quite scary.

Here is the typical zombie:

And here is the Cyborg zombie. The speed is the same, the attack is twice as powerful, and it drops redstone items.

And here is Zombie Notch. This is the most feared zombie. Yes, it moves half as fast as a regular zombie but it also kills you instantly. So don’t get hit. A bow might be the better approach for this one. It also drops apples.


Here is Zombie Pa. Interesting name and skin but very powerful. It walks slightly faster than the player, doesn’t burn in the sunlight, drops leather and leather armor, and is 3 times more powerful than a regular.

Here is the Zombie Pirate. Has the same speed as the player, twice the strength of a zombie, and doesn’t burn in the sunlight. In addition is can drop gold nuggets, ingots and swords.

This is the cookie zombie. It is much weaker, but twice as fast. It drops cookies, surprise.

Here is the Nether zombie. This mob is a mix of a zombie and a pigman. It is invulnerable to fire, spawns only in The Nether, drops rotten flesh, and has the same attack and speed.

(Sorry about the dumb particles, I ate a golden apple) This is the zombie dwarf. It does very little damage but attacks quickly. It walks as fast as the player, and drops coal when it dies.

Scared? Zombie Herobrine. He won’t do a whole lot of damage but he walks extremely fast. I don’t know the exact speed in comparison to a typical zombie, but it’s very quick. It also doesn’t drop anything.

Zombie King. A little slower than a typical zombie, same attack strength, but wears golden armor. It drops gold and possibly gold armor and tools.

Disco zombie. Yeah, I don’t know why either. It is slightly faster, slightly weaker, and drops noteblocks, jukeboxes, and records.

The Zombie Miner doesn’t burn in the sunlight, drops cobblestone, and has the same speed and strength as the player.

Finally, the Zombie Creeper. It is basically a stronger creeper, meaning that it has a larger blast radius. It has the same speed of a zombie, burns in the sunlight and drops TNT.

Well, that is it for all the zombies. Now, the special mob. This mob is not a zombie. It is not even hostile. It is a friendly mob, much like dogs. Its name: Survivor.

This mob is another Steve but has a slightly different skin. When not tamed, it goes around killing zombies. It can be tamed with an iron ingot. Right-clicking them makes them stand guard. They drop bread when they die. Unfortunately, there is a glitch right now and they don’t spawn.

Each of these zombies has a spawn egg (Survivor doesn’t), although, they all look the same so you have to check out the names. Most zombies have the same sounds but some of them don’t. The Nether Zombie, for example, is weird and I don’t really like it. It makes zombie sounds, zombie pigmen sounds when being attacked, and Ghast sounds when it dies.

Also, when you download you get a Zombie Creeper cape! Now, onto the rating.



This mod gets 4/5 diamonds. I enjoy that this mod adds new mobs to the game and that each of them are unique in some way other than their appearance. The speed, strength, and drops all vary and I commend the creator for that because it keeps this mod interesting. One negative about it, however, are the sounds that some zombies make. The Nether Zombie is too over-the-top. I don’t think that all of the Nether mob sounds should be included in it. Mainly, I don’t like the Ghast sound. Second, I know this mod is called “Mo’ Zombies,” but I would have preferred a little less emphasis on zombies. It feels like they overpower the game now and it is rare to see a non-zombie mob. I wish that wasn’t so. Perhaps if the spawn rates were varied between the zombies it would be a bit better.

That is all I have to say about this mod. I enjoyed it, it was fun to check out all the zombies’ different abilities and I recommend that you try out this mod just for kicks.

Here is the download link:

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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