Superflat Survival: Days 1+2 (234/365)

We all know that the ‘Super flat’ option enabled in Minecraft map generation is a perfect place to build with creative. Whether it be a really huge house, artwork, or an incredibly complex redstone contraptions, this is the place for creative. Or so we had thought. What’s I’m trying today is something new, Superflat survival.

For this challenge, you only need to a few things to prepare for it. First off, play on Easy or harder difficulty, enable the ‘Generate Structures’ options beforehand, along with the “Flat world” option. This way, when you create a world, the world will generate superflat with occasional villages around for the plunder.

Anyway, following this post, I’ll post updates every now and then if I feel like it. It’ll basically be a playthrough which I’ll show you how I manage to survive in this world.

*Spawing the world*

When I first spawn the world, the first thing I notice is the vast emptiness of the world. There are no trees, no biomes, no snow, no mountains or hills. It comes as quite a shock. However, following that comes a nice boost in fps, due to the fact of less strain on the cpu. I look around and notice a chest surrounded by four torches. I used the bonus chest option to give me a bit of a start on this map, and I’ll need it.

What could be in there?

Opening it up, I find some nice tools and food to start off with. Two wooden axes, five sticks, two logs, and two apples. Could be better, could be worse. I quickly make myself a crafting table and sword to fend off those evil mobs.

Following this, I end up looking around for about three minutes in search of a village. I seriously recommend putting your view distance on far, if even for a minute. It helps a lot with locating a village to begin with. I end up dying about three times within those three minutes, due to the slimes. Slimes are a serious danger in this mode. Yes I know, they aren’t normally that dangerous. However, I’d like to see what you say when they swarm you from all distances. Walking around a bit, I notice a village in the fog ahead. I rush forward, trying to get away from the slimes, and to the safety of the village.

I’ve never been happier to see a village.

This village, isn’t really any different than a normal one, including a church and a blacksmith along with about 5 houses and quite a few smaller huts. I quickly take over one of the houses as my own, and set up my base of operations.


My next step is to loot the village. None of the houses have any valuables, but the smithy did have a chest filled with the most valuable of all Minecraft things.


You’ve got to remember that no trees spawn on this world, so wood is normally in a limited supply. Thankfully enough, this blacksmith somehow came upon some saplings and some boots. I put the boots on and plant the trees behind my house.

After this, I go on a quick run to destroy all of the wheat plants before the slimes get to them. These slimes are everywhere, on the roads, the garden, on top of the houses, even in the trees. It’s becoming quite a hassle going out in the day, for that is when slimes spawn. I’ve got to figure out how to keep these slimes away from the village.

Heading back in, I notice that I have a roommate that decided to move in with me. Well, I suppose that technically I took his house, but still.

A creepy Jawa roommate.

Anyway, it’s turning to night and I’ve finally decided my next goal for this little adventure. I kind of like the village, with the npcs, and my goal is to fortify this baby up, protect it from the slimes and any baddys, making it a fully selfsustainable village. However, first I need to set up a safer tree farm.

I look off into the sunset, and imagine what this village will look like once it’s fortified. I’m going to need a lot of wood.

Good Night World.

The next day I don’t manage much, however I do set up a tree farm with some fences to fend off the slimes.

Tomorrow my goal is to keep on collecting wood, and finally getting some fences set up around the town. Eventually I’ll have to make a cobblestone generator, but before that, I’ll need Iron. And for that I’ll need Iron Golems.

Until next time!



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