Jonah’s Survival Island- Day 1 (235/365)

Hello everyone! I am sure that most of you know of the once popular “Survival Island” map. It is discontinued now and no longer has any updates which is quite unfortunate. However, last night I was experimenting with a new mod so I started a brand new world. In this new world I got a seed very similar to that of Survival Island.

Here is the area in which you spawn. It is quite lovely, it has a nice big tree, some sand, and grass so you can make a garden.

In addition to that beautiful island, you also get an additional island, free of charge. A buy one get one free deal, you could say.

As a matter of fact, this whole world is quite interesting. For quite the long time, I would encounter more land masses, but they were all islands, about the same size. The neat part is that they were in different biomes. I did eventually encounter a large land mass, though.

Here is my island right now. The island that I spawned on is now the main island. I have a temporarily small home. I have not gone on any mining adventures yet because I am still working on getting the basic supplies, such as food.

Here is my wheat garden which seems to be growing at a turtle’s pace.

This lovely front yard has a bunch of flowers.

As I said, my house is nothing special at the moment. Once I have some more materials I will be able to expand a bit. Right now, I am still working with just stone tools.

You may be wondering about this. Well, during my adventures I found a few brown and red mushrooms. With a little bonemeal, I can make them into huge mushrooms and get a lot more out of them. The only problem is that I need a bit less light. That is what the floating wood is for.

I turned the secondary island into a tree farm. It is quite nice, plenty of trees to cut down.

Sometimes I feel like I play Minecraft for the sole purpose of the blog. As in, I don’t play Minecraft just for fun all the time. Many times I play just to get a post done. I wish that wasn’t true but sometimes it is. Anyway, this is one of those times where I am playing Minecraft for fun…and for the blog, but whatever.

So, now that Tyler started a new Superflat survival series, I thought I should start a new series. I have my “Island series” and my LOST series but the island one is not as interesting and I am taking a break from LOST. We will try to keep these series up and going, but only if you, the readers, enjoy them. So please respond, give your feedback. I may try a video next time and hope that it isn’t super laggy.

Here is the seed if you are interested: 1732743844276551813

I believe that is all for today folks. I will have maybe 1 more post before I leave for college and then we will see what happens next for this blog. Let’s hope for the best. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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