Jonah’s Survival Island Day 2 (236/365)

Hello everyone! Today has been a really good day, for just one reason. As you know, I leave for college in 2 days so I am starting to pack and all that fun stuff. Also, this will be my last “pre-stress” post. I will be back on Monday but I will be at college then. Yay college! Anyway, the reason that today is a good day is because I was supposed to work today. Allow me to explain.

I got ready for work, drove there, and my boss told me to go home. I was scheduled for today, but since today was my last day my boss decided to give me a little gift. He told me that I was getting paid for not working today. I got my paycheck from last week, and a $100 bill which was this week’s paycheck, so to speak. I worked on Monday for roughly $30, so they just gave me $70 for nothing. Funny thing is, on the way over to work I was thinking, “I hope it is an easy day tonight for my last day”. Well, it was the easiest day ever.

I just had to mention that because I have been kind of stressed and nervous the last couple days (understandably so) and this just made my day a lot better. Onto the post!

Back on Survival Island, I ventured into the caves in search of some lovely minerals. I found a good amount for my first adventure, but I will surely need more.

Since there were no visible mine entrances on my island, I decided to start a strip mine. But then I heard some zombies and skeletons and I was sure that there was a mine nearby. I dug around a bit and sure enough I found one.

I found a bit of iron, redstone, lapis, and even a few diamonds.

Not to mention a huge amount of coal. Seriously, look at all that coal…beautiful.

This is everything that I gathered in the mine. 3 diamonds, which I crafted a pickaxe with, some armor and all that good stuff.

That’s all there is for today’s update. A few more quick announcements. First, Snapshot 12w34a came out today with a large amount of additions. I recommend that you check that out. Mojang also released some Minecon information. We will cover both of those topics and more a bit more thoroughly on Sunday with our weekly news post. Finally, I will continue with this series but I will also be launching a new series next week. It will also be a Survival series and I did something very similar before, hint hint.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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