Superflat Survival: Days 3-5 (237/365)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second installment of my Superflat survival series. Today, I talk about a lot of different changes that I have made to my world, including a farm, cobblestone generator, trading and much more. Let us begin shall we?

First off, during the night of the second Minecraft day, I built myself a ladder to allow easy access to the roof of my house. This way, I won’t have to worry about being stuck inside if there are slimes outside my doors.

Since I had a growing need for wood, I’ve set up a much bigger tree farm, that provides plenty of wood. I don’t remember the exact specifications, but I get about three stacks of logs each time I farm.

Because I can’t step out the door now, without stepping on, or being mauled by slimes, I’ve set up an entire chest dedicated to slimeballs. Sadly enough, Villagers do not buy slimeballs for emeralds, because if they did, I would be one of the richest men in Minecraftia.

My roomate villager has become my personal trader. He will buy nine cooked fish for an emerald. Not the best of deals, but still not bad. In order to get these fish, I went and built myself a nice little fishing pool.

It’s not the best, but along with being a fishing pool, it serves as an easy Slime removal tool. Slimes will follow me, and fall in the water sinking to the bottom. Slimes cannot swim, so they sink to the bottom and slowly drown. They deserve it. Anyway, I did a lot of trading with the villager over the last few days. Along with a lot of fishing.

Talking about trading, one of the villagers has opened up a new trading option. He buys 15 chicken for one emerald. Not the best of deals, but when everything else is hard to get, selling chicken for emeralds is a good idea.

Money! Money! Money!

Since I needed some cobblestone for tools, and weapons, I’ve built myself a cobblestone generator. This structure only needs 80 blocks of dirt( Or anything non-flammable for that matter), four sources of water, and two sources of lava. It’s easy to make, replenishes fast, and the majority of the cobblestone drops to the water pool below.

For the last two Minecraft days I’ve spent the majority of the time mining cobblestone and cooking it into stone bricks. I’ve started to build up my ‘castle’ as I’ve set to calling it, as it seems that I’ve become the leader of these villagers.

A view from the inside of my castle.

It even includes my money-making, chicken farm!

Chicken love baby!


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