Superflat Survival: Day 6 (238/365)

Hello everyone. Welcome back to day six of my Superflat Survival Adventure! Today’s going to be a quick post, but make sure to keep an eye out for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be our second annual Minecraft News post. Let’s start shall we?

First off, some sad news.

Today, I started my Minecraft up, opened the world up, and began my search for Villagers, as I had a crap load of chicken. After a fruitless search, I found one single villager. One villager.

And sadly, this one doesn’t buy chicken. He does sell flint for 10 gravel and an emerald, but I don’t even have an emerald. So, since there is no way to repopulate this world, and since I don’t have cheats enabled, I’ve decided to move to another village. I don’t know where I plan on moving, but I have begun to take apart the village slowly.


I thought about removing the church from the area, but I didn’t. I feel that leaving the church be, would be a nice little touch to the abandoned village. Plus, removing a church doesn’t feel right.

Not tomorrow, but soon I will be talking about my move to another village, and setting up a new base of operations. Until tomorrow, Happy Mining!





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