Minecraft + Mojang News 8/20-8/26 (239/365)

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Minecraft News Weekly, Edition 2, fresh off the press. Today we are going over quite a few things, including the snapshot, updates to the Xbox and Pocket Edition of Minecraft, Minecon and Pax. If you’re looking for the need-to-know about Minecraft news this week, don’t look any further.

First off, some news about Pocket Edition.


This september the new update for the Pocket Edition comes out. This update comes with some more of the “Survival Feel” making it nearly possible to play Minecraft away from computer. The way it’s going, soon enough it might be right on par with PC Minecraft.
If you’re interested, here is the update list for the pocket edition.

New features:

  • Chests to store items
  • Beds to skip night and setting your spawn point
  • Creepers!
  • TNT, and flint and steel to ignite
  • Food items added: apples, bread, mushroom soup, beef, chicken and pork
  • Added recipes: wool from string, green wool and stone bricks
  • Added a Peaceful Mode option for survival mode without monsters
  • Added wheat, seeds and hoe
  • Added moss stone, redstone ore and white wool to creative inventory
  • Added trap door
  • Red dye can be obtained by cooking red mushroom
  • Added several more dyes (combined from primary dyes)
  • Zombies now drop feathers


Registration and open-bidding for Minecon Paris is going to open relatively soon. For now, you can keep up with all the latest information right here!


As a small little update for Minecraft, Microsoft released a new skin pack DLC for Xbox Live. Costing 160 Microsoft points, this pack features a nice amount of skins. I didn’t find any of them to be too great, but a few of them are nice.


This week, for the “Weekly Chunk” Mojang wants some community-created artwork for PAX. It can be about anything relating to Mojang, Minecraft, Minecon, or Scrolls. They want some artwork. If you’re interested in something like that, here’s the link for more specifics.

SNAPSHOTS 12w34a/12w34b

This snapshot features quite a lot of features that really seem to polish off some of the annoyances of Minecraft, not to mention all of the new stuff added. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Here’s the official list of changes in the snapshot.

  • Added item frames
  • Added cobblestone walls (yes, mossy too)
  • Maps now align to a grid, making it easier to create adjacent maps. Maps can also be cloned
  • Stairs now auto-arrange into corners. This is a test and may change based on feedback
  • Mobs can travel through portals
  • Leather clothes can be dyed
  • Removed the “wip block” from the creative menu
  • Added two new crops and associated items
  • F3+P will toggle the auto-pause when the window loses focus (it’s for debugging, mainly)
  • F3+H will toggle detailed item descriptions (also for debugging)
  • Added arrow-sensitive wooden buttons
  • Trapdoors can be placed in top-most position (based on cross-hair aim)

So, let’s start.

Mojang has created two new types of fences, cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. They both look pretty nice, and they are crafted the same as normal fences with cobble or mossy cobble instead of sticks. They have the same properties as fences, but they do not have any type of cobble fence gates. At least yet anyway.

These will really help polish up a front yard.

I really like the cobblestone fences. These will help add some decoration options to Minecraft. I can only imagine how awesome these would look like on top of castle walls, or used in an estate garden. They really do look nice.

Added in this update, Jeb included clay pots. Clay pots are created the same as buckets, with clay brick replacing the iron ingots. They look very similar to the buckets, but they do have different properties. Clay pots allow you to put items into them, such as saplings and any plant related items. However, plants will not grow in pots and many of them change sizes.

Adding yet more to decoration, Mojang has included Item frames to hang your items in. These frames serve as nice pieces on the wall and are crafted the same as paintings with the wool replaced by leather. Right-clicking on the item frame makes the item inside rotate. Not only that, but with these you can put a clock, or a map on the wall for easy use. The clock will constantly update, as will the map with other character’s locations.

Now, onto the carrots and potatoes!

When killing Zombies, there is a low chance of them dropping carrots or potato seeds. Potatoes serve mainly as a food source, as you can  cook them into baked potatoes. Rarely though, there is a chance of harvesting a poisonous potato. Not sure of the use yet, but that may be in the next update. Also, carrots. You will want to gather some carrots, as they have some nice properties. You can make golden carrots by using the golden apple recipe, with a carrot in the middle replacing the apple.

Putting these ‘Golden Carrots’ into a potion brewer, makes a potion of Night-Eye.

Similar to most potions, you can put some redstone in to the brewer to make the potion last eight minutes. Glowstone does not seem to have any effect on this potion. This makes it much easier to see at night, although it’s really not needed. If you want to see during the night, I recommend turning up the brightness of Minecraft. But, if you like the ‘Moody’ light setting then, these potions are for you. Now for the best part.


Exactly, you cannot see me. Because I just drank an invisibility potion. These potions are made by taking night vision potions, and corrupting them using fermented spider eyes. These potions are really fun, as you can walk right by zombies and baddies without them trying to kill you. However, as soon as you bump into them or attack them, they will figure out where you are and attack. You can’t drink these to disappear from the attention of mobs too. You have to drink these before you meet a mob, in order to pass by undetected.

Oh yes, these potions are not 100% perfect. You can still see the player if he is holding an item in his hand, or if you are wearing armor.


As one of the additional things added, entities, including the player can go to the Nether. Pigs,  cows, villagers… They can all go to the nether now. So, if you really wished to, you could have a cow farm…. in hell. Talk about udderly evil!

Trapdoors can now be placed at the bottom, or the top of blocks, making it easier to build a trapdoor aligning with the floor.


Wooden buttons have been added, which can be tripped by shooting an arrow at it. The redstone signal will remain active as long as the arrow is on the button.




You can now dye leather armor in different colors. This is something I’m really excited about! An easy way to set apart teams, or clans. If you don’t like the color, you can also clean it out using a cauldron.



And lastly, but not least, we have corner pieces now! These steps will automatically align. However, fair warning, Mojang may or may not take these out as some people may not like this feature. I personally hope they keep it in!



Well then, thanks for reading! Happy Mining!

-Tyler and Jonah



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