Netherlive Mod Review (240/365)

Hello everyone! This is Jonah speaking to you, for the first time from college! This is Day 3 of my college experience, and, so far, it has gone fairly well. I like being in a place where I don’t know anyone because I get a fresh start. But, I don’t like being in a new place because I don’t know anyone, and it can be difficult trying to make new friends. Other than that, things are going fine and I start classes tomorrow. Now, onto this week’s mod review.

I found this mod a few days ago and it is pretty cool. Have you ever tried to live in the Nether? Not very easy, I know. There are no ores, trees, or any of that common stuff that we take for granted in the Overworld. Well, this mod looks to change that, in a big way.

This mod, as you can see from the title, is called Netherlive. And from the name you may be able to guess that it allows you to live in the Nether. How does it do that? Let’s find out.

The portal is the same as always, but what lays inside the portal is much different than before.

This is the new Nether. It has trees, ores, and a couple new blocks. There is no more naturally generated netherrack. In its place is nether dirt and nether stone (which drops netherrack).

These are the saplings for the new trees.

You might have to squint to see this black tree, it kind of blends in because the Nether just seems so dark now.

Again, you might have to squint or enlarge it. This shows a bunch of ores all over the ceiling of the Nether. I kid you not, you can’t look at any part of the Nether and NOT see at least one kind of ore.

Here is one bug I found with the mod. There are still normal chests, but there are also Nether chests. It makes no sense they are exactly the same but there they are. Now this is a double chest. When you open it up it has all 6 rows just like it should, but they are not connected.

Now, we will take a look at all of the new blocks.

First of all, this mod adds the normal ores to the Nether (except Lapis). Coal, iron, gold, redstone, and diamond. But…

They also added 3 new ores! Aluminum, copper, and silver are the latest additions.

Here is all three varieties of Nether Wood logs and the one Nether wooden plank.

And they also added 3 more blocks. Nether dirt, nether stone (drops netherrack when mined), and a Nether crafting table. I have been unable to use this crafting table, but I like the design.

Finally, the new ores bring new tools. We have Nether wood tools, stone, aluminum, silver, copper, and (drum roll please) OBSIDIAN TOOLS! The wood and stone tools do the same as their Overworld counterparts. The copper seems to be rather slow, wood or stone efficiency, I am not sure but it isn’t that good. Aluminum and Silver seem to be about the same, somewhere in between stone and iron. And Obsidian appears to be as good as diamond. However, I don’t know the durability of any of these tools.

That is actually all there is for this mod. You will still see all the same mobs, nether fortresses, soul sand, gravel, glowstone, and mushrooms still exist. Perhaps it’s just me, but I think there is less fire and lava than usual. You still can’t use a bed. And you can still craft all the normal stuff with nether stone and wood as you would in the Overworld; the recipes are the same. Well, I think I have said everything about this mod. Let’s get to the final rating.



4/5 diamonds. Let me start by saying that this is a young mod, very very young. It originated in 1.3.2, that is how young it is. That being said, there will obviously be a few problems with it. Let’s start with the good.

I love the concept and the simplicity of it. It doesn’t add too much to the game, and what it does add are good things. Going into this mod, I was worried that they would just add the normal ores and trees to the Nether and that nothing different would be added. But no, they added new stuff. Thank you! That is perfect. The trees are unique, but I have a problem with them too. And everything that was in the Nether before is still there, except for netherrack, in a way. The next thing that I would like to see from this mod is new armor using the new ores. Now the bad.

The Nether is way too dark now. I am not sure why but it just seems so bleh now. Take a look at these two pictures:

Old Nether.

New Nether.

There is no arguing that the Old Nether is brighter. I think it is a mix of the fact that there is less fire in the Nether with this mod, and that Netherrack was removed. Now, we have Nether dirt and stone in its place and they have mostly solid colors that blend in with the rest of the world. That is my biggest criticism. That is sort of my problem with the trees too. They seem to have fairly solid colors. I thought that one kind of cool thing would be if trees could be on fire, and not burn out like netherrack. You know, sort of a burning bush feel to it. I think that would be interesting and very “hellish.”

Next, ores are extremely common. Like I said, everywhere you look there is an ore. I think that if they could generate less, a lot less, that it would be better. That is it, obviously there are bugs with this mod but I usually don’t hold that against a mod when I am doing a review unless they are very plentiful.

In conclusion, this is a great mod. I have a couple problems with it but I still recommend that you check it out. The creator of this mod is FBalazs. And you need Minecraft Forge for this mod to work. That is all.

Here is the download link for the mod:
Here is the Minecraft Forge download link:,1200.0.html

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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